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Lower back pain treatment with Detensor spinal traction therapy.


Lower back-pain treatment with non-invasive back traction spinal decompression therapy does help for lower back pain relief. It is including lower right or left backache, sciatica, lumbago, scoliosis, herniated or degenerative discs, pinched nerve effectively and without negative side-effects.  Spinal traction therapy for lower back pain treatment is well known and used from the ancient times. Hippocrates wrote about it as an effective treatment for sciatica pain relief before Christ.   Detensor back pain relief therapy method and products are NOT a PANACEA. But here’s what makes your spinal health better and to treat lower back pain with non-invasive spinal traction therapy in convenience of your home.   We are introducing the Detensor therapy for lower back pain treatment and other spinal diseases. Non-invasive, naturopathic Detensor method of spinal traction therapy will help to cure back pain. It works without risky and expensive surgery or addictive pain killing drugs. Spinal traction therapy used for lower back pain relief, upper or cervical backache cure and helpful in the general health improvement. The non-invasive spinal decompression system helps to increase the flow of water, oxygen, and other nutrient-rich fluids through the disks, allowing them to improve spinal health.

Advantages of low back pain treatment with Detensor mat:



Lower Back Pain Treatment Therapy with Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression is the most reliable on US market therapeutic device. Thousands use it for low back (lumbar) pain treatment, relief of sciatica nerve pain and spinal disc herniation syndromes.

Non-invasive spinal decompression! Safe and effective lower back pain treatment at home.


Non-invasive spinal decompression lower back pain treatment

Spinal traction therapy lower back pain relief