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Spine Health Support and Back Pain Treatment with Spinal Traction Therapy

Spine Health Support and Back Pain Treatment Detensor Traction Therapy

Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy with Detensor mat

Spinal traction therapy has been utilized in the low back pain treatment for many years. The greatest current version of back traction therapy is non-surgical spinal decompression therapy which in old methods can cost over $100,000, but with Detensor therapy each session cost just pannies. This procedure of spinal decompression has been seriously promoted to manual therapy professions and then to the consumer for home use.
DETENSOR-therapy is used not only for back pain syndromes caused by disorders of the spinal column, but also for various conditions and diseases directly or indirectly associated with it.

In 1978, thanks to his extensive research, Professor Kurt Leonhard Kienlein developed the back traction therapy system, which allowed many people, suffering from back pain, even patients who lost hope, to return to their normal life.

What kind of spine stretching therapy method is it?

To put it in a nutshell, the Detensor spinal traction therapy method is a system for the safe, comfortable relaxation (muscular relaxation), first of all, of the muscles surrounding the spine and gentle stretching (traction) of the spine in order to regain its full functionality.

The method meets the basic requirements of the ideal system for recuperation of the spine, namely: the combination of the prolonged extension in conditions of complete relaxation, maintaining, at the same time, the physiological curves of the spine. It is provided by the elastic structure with inclined edges (ribs), whose position changes due to the patient’s weight.

When a patient lies down on the “Detensor”-system, the optimally directed traction forces are being formed. These forces strictly depend on the person’s body weight, which results, in total, in (back muscular relaxation) of kinematic system of the spine. “Detensor”-system with its edged structure is made of the material which has the unique ability to adjust to the contours of the body.

Compressibility and point elasticity of the system are made in a way that the neutral position of the spine, when the patient lies on the side, back or belly, is being achieved, due to the fact that the edges of the “Detensor”-system, as support points, are always located under the patient’s body, whereas their surface and basis are designed in strict accordance with the patient’s body weight. And since the traction force depends on the body weight, then it is always individual for every certain person (no matter if the person is healthy or sick). As a results of this important feature, the overexertion of ligaments and muscles is prevented; therefore the possible traumatization, which could happen when using different devices and systems for the spine traction (for example, “dry” traction: loop of Glisson, tables with loops; underwater extension, etc.) is prevented as well.

The edged design consists of open-pore polyester foam, which does not contain fluorine-chlorinated hydrocarbons. This material has a high volume weight, which allows to keep the original shape and therapeutic qualities of the product for a long time.

According to the results of using the Detensor-system in clinical conditions, the original products successfully sustained a load during over 20 years, almost without losing their original qualities. The average time when the back traction therapy system works properly is no less than 10 years in hospitals, where the load is much higher than the one of the individual usage.
The surface on which the Detensor-system is going to be placed must be flat and hard.