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Back Traction Spinal Decompression Therapy

Back Traction - Spinal Decompression Therapy Detensor

The reason for the development of the Detensor was to create a method which would help to treat back pain successfully. I myself had been suffering with back pain for many years and I was not able to find help. I had been seeing M.D.’s, chiropractors in Europe and the USA, healers, specialists in acupuncture in China and many more. I could not find the treatment I was looking for. Since I had the education as an engineer and toolmaker in my youth, I had the necessary experience to develop helpful devices and appliances for the traction of the spinal column for the Detensor. There was nothing on the market at that time that made sense and helped to control my back problem. All known products were not ideal. There were boards and devices to hang by the feet, which is nothing new by today’s standards. Hippocrates did this 2500 years ago and it was not very helpful. Francis Glisson, London (1596-1677) was hanging people by the neck, and this is still being done by M.D.’s and other practitioner’s today. There are traction tables, water traction, Glisson sling, etc. All of these methods are creating stress on the spine.


In 1981, Dr. Joachim Strauss, head of the orthopedic department of the Golden Buehl Hospital in Villingen, (Black Forrest area in Germany) and his team started testing the Detensor traction therapy. After 4 years of great success and more than 2,000 patients, I decided to start selling the spinal traction mat to the public. In 1984, a friend of mine was coming from LA to see me on a completely different matter. When he picked up his suitcase at the airport in Frankfurt his lumbago problem started all over again and he was almost unable to walk. I brought the Detensor mat and the Detensor sleeping system (back stretching mattress) to his hotel so that he could get some relief. The next morning, he called me on the phone and expressed his interest in the Detensor. He asked me if I would like to start selling it in LA and that’s just what we did. From the beginning it was a success drawing people from San Diego and as far away as Vancouver in order to buy the Detensor. Two years after opening the LA office, my friend and partner became seriously ill, recovering, but unable to work again, we had to close. I could not stay because of my European engagement.


In 1987, I was attending the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing presenting the results of the Detensorology. The Chinese specialists started that same year to use the Detensor and still do. Results were found to be more successful when acupuncture and the Detensor were used in combination together. In January of 1988, I was sent to Moscow by the Bavarian Minister of foreign trade to meet with a specialist from the Central Research Institute for Accidents and Orthopedics and the Ministry of Health. This meeting proved to be very prospective. In the fall of 1988, Russian M.D.’s started testing the Detensor and I was granted registration for all hospitals and sanatoriums, civilian and military. In 1993 I met Dr. Olga Balakireva. She was sent to Germany by her therapist because of her back problem. She was suffering from cervical lumbago pain and a migraine. After 2 weeks back in Moscow and using the Detensor everyday as I told her to do so, she called me asking for exclusive rights to sell the Detensor in the USSR. Dr. Olga Balakireva started using the non-invasive spinal decompression therapy on her patients in her medical center with much success.


Since 1993, the Detensor was established at more than 2,000 institutions in the European health system. More than 4,000 M.D.’s and therapists have been trained by my wife, (Dr. Olga Balakireva) and myself and more than 3,000,000 patients have been successfully treated of their back pain. In 1994 the Detensor was also established at the Gargin Center for the medical preparation of the cosmonauts for the flight and stay at the space station MIR. I was invited to join academies and associations of medicine and natural medicine in several countries. The Detensor is known from Sakhalin to the black sea and from the polar circle to Minsk. As today, there have been 22 dissertations written, 160 scientific articles and many presentations provided to the public.

In Bonn, Germany, and Basel, Switzerland and Eriwan, Armenia many dissertations have been presented to those communities.

The Detensor has proved time and time again to be a very cost effective and an efficient therapeutic method for the treatment of back pain without any negative side effects.


I am happy to announce that in 2015 I have found a reliable partner with the ability and capacity to introduce the Detensor to the American community of back sufferers. Over the past years I did deliver the Detensor products from Germany, Austria and other countries to private customers in the USA. Many of them asking for the return of the Detensor to the US market. Now, we finally have a very potential restart with the Avazo Healthcare Co. and its CEO Alexander Vulfov, in the United States. Now, hundreds of patients in USA lives normal life without back pain, because of Detensor spinal traction therapy.

According to Avazo Healthcare experience, many people in the US who are suffering from back pain will find long lasting results if not a lifetime of being back pain free. Successful rate is over 87% and what is very important - there are no any negative side effects or complications.

Prof.DR.HC.(mult),D.A.M.,Spinal Consultant,DR.Sc.HC.
Leonhard Kurt Kienlein