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Vertebral Health Specialist Dr. Kienlein

Spinal Doctor Kurt L. Kienlein
“Detensor” back pain relief method author
Spinal Traction Method Inventor - Dr Kurt Kienlein
Open Letter To the American Public
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  • President of the International Institute Detenzorology
  • PhD, Honorary Doctor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor
  • Honorary Professor of the Russian Scientific Centerfor Restorative Medicine
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Technical Sciences, International Academy of Informatization
  • Laureate of Alexander Chizhevskogo, Peter Kapitza and Vladimir Vernadsky
  • Member of the American Association of back pain
  • Member of the International Association of back pain (UK),the NationalAssociation of British back pain
  • Director of the Association of Integrative Medicine (China, US)

Since 1978 Dr Leonhard Kurt Kienlein does working as a spinal consultant for the improvement of the vertebral health. The Detensor method was developed by him and presented to the public in 1978. Since then the method was presented in more than 50 countries. He has trained about 4000 Md`s and therapists. in more then 2000 Hospitals, Sanatoriums and private Clinics in Europe, more than 3 000 000 patients have successful Back Pain Treatment. 27 DR.Dissertations have been acquired. Detensor is the most cost-effective Back Pain Therapy known today.