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Reiki Pain Relief, Other Alleviating Back Pain Options

sciatic nerve pain relief

Reiki Back Pain Relief and Other Alleviating Back Pain Options


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine

The Reiki Master who is known as Michael J. Homan examines natural healing strategies, like Electro-Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Chinese Magnetic Cupping, Crystal treatment and he owns a website dedicated to health problems and natural healing ways.


He has learnt acupressure and had courses in it. And also some on chiropractic. In addition, he searched through psychological problems related to pain and medical issues. And as previously mentioned, he is a Reiki Master.


Now that knowledge is acquired about his background and what inspires his writing… the topic will start.


This article is a summary and fusion of 4 main studies. But the e-book and the full articles are available at his website, which is called health grow healthier.


He has discovered four main things that has and important role considering the spine health.


Mainly, the posture. It may seem rather a common fact, but indeed it needs to be reminded of. People should be aware of the posture while standing, sleeping or sitting. And they should pay more attention to it and try to fix it if it’s not straight, because the wrong posture habit can easily lead to back pain or degenerative disk disease.


If sleeping position was both hands under the pillow while the person lies on his side, it may lead to pinching a nerve in the neck. If the shoulder of the arm, which is up, leans toward the neck or the head, it is better to lay the arm of your upper hand down on the leg, while the other hand is under the pillow.


And if possible, purchase various pillows with distinct thickness, some people just can’t stand a high fluffy pillow, nor thin one because it hurts if the person is lying on his side.


Another major factor is the flexibility of the back.

Sometimes the back goes out, which causes pinched nerves,it leads to putting your spine back into alignment and making it flexible. Othertimes, the wrong way of sitting can put weight on the sciatic nerve which will cause sciatic pain.


If you think that a chiropractor is the greatest option, buy one. But if you think you can do it the natural way and align your back on your own, it is not hard at all, and will solve the sciatic pain if there is one.


If the person is in dire pain currently, lay heat or ice on some spot until the pain is alleviated.


A note to bear in mind which is to never work out while there is a chance of nerve inflammation or in case one is swollen.


A way to gain back flexibility is to do kundalini yoga. This yoga style is unique in the sense that it doesn’t have those extreme twists, but rather it is good and beneficial for the spinal flexibility. In addition, this yoga style is spiritual as well and can be used before meditation.


It is of utter importance to make your back and the muscles around it stronger. And the 3rd step to get that is:


Step by step, do as many sit-ups as you can, according to your experience.


Do not rush and let your body gets his time adapting to the new steps and you’ll feel it when the body needs more, as pain is an alert signal.


While taking the pain pills may seem appealing for its effect. They should not be used unless really needed, because they block the message the body want to send, and they don’t heal anything, but just delay the warning signs.


Eating well is not the only health issue. Mental health, environmental and other factors has an important role. Since curing the problem was never easy, let alone if it roots back to psychological issue that went unsolved for ages until it may turn into a physical one.


Last but not least the 4th step is daily stretching routine. Even some pets stretch when they wake up.


A good routine that keeps the back active and flexible is the key. However, one must consider taking information from others and build up his own strategy as each one of us is unique and what works for someone doesn’t necessarily works for the other.


Finally, it is beneficial to educate more about acupressure and coping with pain.


Learning acupressure can even help with coping with pain through pressuring on certain areas of the body. Nonetheless, it is something that requires assistance to learn, and courses of it are recommended.

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