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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Reduce Leg, Back Pain

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Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Reduce Leg & Back Pain

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Reduce Worker Leg Back Pain

Do you have an idea about who goes to the physician mostly in the U.S?

The Common Cold? The flu? No, the most number of people who goes there are who has lumbar pain, also called lower back ache.

Lumbar pain is troublesome, particularly when it is associated with painful leg and foot ache. A main source of leg and foot ache is severe working environment, where posture of the worker is not proper for a long time due to the harsh surface he’s working on.

Doing the job on a rough platform may lead to a lethal exertion, and that happens if the muscles are restrained and blood circulation is lessened. In this condition, the heart makes more effort to let the blood reaches the suffering spots, and so the energy is drained. The disadvantages would be exertion and pain.

A way out of this increasing issue is to utilize anti fatigue floor mats where the work takes place, particularly in zones where there is no sitting due to the work nature. In addition to cushioning, soft ”rebound” is delivered by the anti-fatigue floor mats and that supports the comfy motion of the calf and leg, consequently making the blood circulation smoother and easier. That is to say, more effective muscle movement removes the restrain on the blood.

So what is the evidence that anti fatigue floor mats are effective?

Many researches have shown the effectiveness of anti fatigue floor mats, one of the main ones were the research of the economist Mark Redfern at the Center of Ergonomics, Michigan University, where he examined the influence of anti fatigue floor mats on better posture and spinal muscle conditioning improvement. 14 participants were needed to maintain a stand during the whole shift at the Ford Chesterfield Trim Plant. 2 of the examined platforms were concrete and 3 out of 8 were rubber anti fatigue floor mats. The general result of the research was that harsh concrete ground made the biggest disturbance and tiresome, whereas anti fatigue floor mats lessened it by up to fifty percent.

Your industry is able to profit from the utilization of safety mats which are anti fatigue floor mats by enhancing the productivity of the worker, lessening insurance and compensation expenses, and avoiding absent workers due to tiresome. Because the fact that companies are wasting billions of dollars due to the mentioned factors is a fact with solid ground, it is logical to invest on anti fatigue floor mats to decrease the lost expenses.

Besides pain and disturbance, long periods standing on a harsh ground can result in long-term issues. Pro nation, in other words, too much foot flattening, and varicose veins, which is the result of blood stocking in low spots. These two health issues are very expensive when it comes to compensating the worker and paying the insurance, not to forget the reduction of productivity due to the employee exhaustion.

Commercial mats may look better, but anti fatigue floor mats are the genuine solution. The National Safety Council advised in a publication called ”Ergonomics” to use them, and also some experts such as occupational nurses, POM managers and insurance agencies.

It is crucial for the environment of the work to have the needed safety and be pleasant with better posture and spine healthier, to get more productivity, lessen the absence rate and quitting, enhance the worker satisfaction and overall increase the profit and decrease the expenses

It is essential that the workplace be safe and pleasant in order to promote the highest levels of productivity, reduce the rate of absenteeism and turnover, increase employee satisfaction, and as a direct result, cut costs and improve profits.

Well-being with anti fatigue floor mats is the smart employer’s investment, plus it will be expense which deducted from taxation.

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