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Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

sciatic nerve pain relief

Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

Effective Ayurvedic Back Pain Cure and Spinal Cord Treatment

Do you know about most frequent injury that brings careers to a grinding halt in people under the age of 45?  It is back pain. Back pain can put a stop to your desires and ambitions. Doctors have a difficult time finding satisfactory solutions relieving backache in people below 45.

Could there be an effective solution in our ancient Ayurvedic back pain treatment? Holistic backache remedies can be found in the ancient books. Ayurvedic back pain treatment can be tried by most people.

Ayurvedic Cure for back pain and Sciatica. Sciatica is a common spinal ailment that some people suffer as they reach their late thirties. The problem usually occurs from the lower back all the way down the leg. Various effective treatments for sciatica exist in the ancient medicinal tradition of Ayurvedic back pain treatment.

Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment AKA Anuloma Viloma, this Pranayama (breathing exercise) is the most beneficial breathing practice for balancing vata dosha. It greatly benefits lower back pain and other pain-related vata dosha conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and more.

The Spinal Cord:

Let’s first look at the amazing system that is the spinal cord. The spinal cord pretty much sets us apart from the animal kingdom. We can do all kinds of movements that no other living being can. The flexibility of the human spinal cord is a work of art. It is a wondrous system all on its own, consisting of 24 bones or vertebrae. They are stacked one on another right from the base of the skull to the pelvis. A spongy layer separates the vertebrae from each other. There are seven neck vertebrae, which we know as cervical vertebrae. Next, we have the thorax vertebrae, which are made of 12 vertebrae and situated in the thoracic region. The lumbar region of the vertebrae consists of 5 vertebrae in the lower back. Below this is the sacrum which is made of five fused bones of the vertebrae and finally the tailbone, which is otherwise known as coccyx, which consists of three to five bones fused together. There are a number of muscles and ligaments connected to the spinal cord that keep us mobile, flexible and erect. Countless nerves run through our spinal cord connecting various parts of our body and our brain and this vital cord runs through the vertebrae.

Is there an Effective Ayurvedic back pain treatment?

Could there be an answer to back pain in the ancient Indian texts of Ayurveda? The Ayurvedic back pain treatment pretty much describes and prescribes holistic cures for the body. There is a lot of information on herbal and dietary cures for ailments. Let’s see what it says about the back to further clarify that they did know what they were talking about. There are included Abhyanga oil massage and Basti meditated enema.

In Ayurveda books written centuries ago, respected gurus like Acharya Sushruta accurately describe the spinal cord as having 30 bones, they are 7 in the cervical region, 12 in the thoracic area, 5 in the Lumbar region,in the sacrum 5 fused, and the coccyx is considered as one..  He describes that the tendons and ligaments hold the muscles and bones together. He elaborates that the joints are 24 [“Chaturvimshatihiprishtavamshe] He goes on to describe the back pain causes as Vata. He says that vata is found in the thighs and bones and Vata controls body movement. Vata is disturbed sometimes when we do inappropriate physical activity (karma’s Mithya yoga), or when we do too much physical activity (karma’s Ati yoga) or when there is not enough physical activity (karma’s Hina yoga).

Any of these disturbances can cause back pain. So what is this karmic Mithya yoga (or action) he is talking about?  When we do wrong way lift, bend too fast, or sit in an unsuitable chair this is mithya yoga of action. Ati yoga of action (karma) happens when lifting, bending or twisting too much, And Hina yoga of action is when we sit or stand for a long time with bad posture.In short the spoiled or impaired vita can cause back pain.

Other Reasons for Back pain·

You can get back ache if you sneeze too hard, awkwardly get ina car, and bend too fast to lift up something from the ground, even if it is light weight.·         There could be a physiological condition that causes back pain like, in osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, infections of kidney or the bladder, a viral infection, a tumor, trauma to the back or even gynecological problems in women.

  • Being overweight could strain the back
  • Wearing high heels
  • Carrying heavy weights

What Ayurvedic back pain treatment advice for simple back pain?

Don’t panic. Rest on a bed is usually a good solution. At least 24-48 hours bed rest, with a small walk every couple of hours will keep blood circulation going and muscles flexible.Rub the back gently with ksheerbala oil and steam treatment on the affected area (naadisweda). Ayurveda has herbal remedies for back ache. Here we give you one herbal remedy for back pain that you can try. They are all natural ingredients so you should not have side effects:

Hot Herbs Ayurvedic back pain treatment:

  • Nirgundi  leaves (hindi – samhaalu) (Bot- Vitexnegundo) (Eng – Five  leaved chaste)
  • Karanja  leaves ( hindi – Ditauri) (Bot – Pongamiapinnata) (Eng – Indian beech)  Wrap the Nirgundi and Karanja leaves in a cotton cloth and tie into a pouch. Heat water and place the pouch in it. When it is still not too hot put the pouch on the affected area. When it gets cool again, place in hot water and repeat. After half hour, take leaves out of the cloth and grind to a paste and apply on the affected area and bind well with a strip of cloth.

When to see a doctor?

  • You are over fifty and have severe pain in the spine.
  • Falling or other impact to the back
  • Pain radiating into the hip or leg
  • Back pain despite good posture
  • Find that you cannot control bladder or bowel movements
  • In groin feel numb or even in the rectal area
  • Feel weak in the legs
  • Lose your balance while walking
  • Have a temperature or you are losing weight and have severe pain
  • Pain does not subside even after resting

What can we do to prevent Back Pain? – We can make some simple changes in the way we live to avoid back pain.

Here are a few tips for backache that we have listed for you to try:

  1. Improve muscle tone and keep your muscles in condition. Good muscle support prevents wear and tear of bones.
  2. Bend correctly by bending knees not the back, pick up the item without stretching too much and use your leg muscles to rise up again.
  3. Try not to pick up heavy objects if you are not used to it.
  4. Support your back whenever possible.
  5. Support yourself on anything upright, like a wall, when you need to stand for a long time.
  6. While standing for a long time doing chores, try to use a stool to rest your legs on alternately.
  7. Use a mattress with good back support to sleep on.
  8. Do not wear high heels; they put a tremendous strain on your back.
  9. Good posture, that is, standing without a hunch, will help your back.
  10. Use a chair which supports the lower back well.
  11. If you have to sit for a long time, use a stool to lift your knees above your hips.
  12. If you are sitting or standing for a long time, walk around frequently.
  13. Strenuous activities can cause back injury
  14. Being overweight increases your chances for back pain.

As a Software Professional how can you prevent back pain? – Software professionals need to sit several hours on the job. You are under a lot of stress on the job too. There are a few pointers to help you prevent from back pain.

A.      Get a good chair which has back support, or at least roll up a towel and use it to support your back while sitting for long hours.

B.      The computer screen, chair, and keyboard must be at the correct level. Feet must be rest flat and not hang above the floor; hands must be at right angles to the floor when on the keyboard, and make sure that you look straight at the computer screen.

C.      Try not to slouch in your seat.

D.      Try to get up every half an hour and walk around, do some stretches

E.      Avoid calorie-rich foods, eat lots of fiber rich foods

F.      Do yoga and try to practice  meditation to avoid stress

G.      Avoid sex if you have severe back ache.

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