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Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

sciatic nerve pain relief

Back Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

Back Stretches Exercise to Relieve Back Pain


The main cause of many diseases of the spine is associated with spasms of deep short lateral and medial transverse muscles of the waist and interstitial muscles! And in a state of spasm, these muscles can stay for years, causing muscle blockages of intervertebral discs. Thus, the muscular blockade of the disc does not develop as a result of dystrophy and protrusion of the intervertebral disc and not as a result of the bony growths of adjacent vertebrae.


Back stretching exercises are the best form of back treatment for any form of backache. Over-stressed muscles of the back need good blood circulation to regain their flexibility as well as recover. Stretching and exercises provide the muscles with the required blood circulation and provide relief to the person. Anyone suffering from chronic back pain is usually put through an exercise regimen, that usually results in steady decline of pain and finally results in not only a cured state, but also strengthens the back muscles and effectively prevents the pain from re occurring.


According to research, almost every one of us will suffer from back pain at some point of our lives. It may be mild pain or even chronic pain resulting from muscle spasms. The most common form of back pain is the one that results from lack of support to the lower back. Poor postures and sudden twisting of the back can also trigger severe back pain. These affect the muscles of the lumbar region, which becomes stiff. Back stretches exercise the stiff muscles and provides good relief.


One should take care when performing any of the exercises. These directly impact sensitive muscles and nerves of our body and hence should be treated in a gentle manner. Also, one should not suddenly start exercising a lot. The body takes time to adapt to any changes and so one should gradually build up the intensity of the exercises for effective relief and strengthening of the muscles.

The muscles of the back and the lumbar region are designed to be used regularly. Hence they need to be exercised regularly for them to perform optimally. The muscles of the back are also connected to the hamstring muscles and so they also need to be stretched to get relief from back pain. One very effective way to stretch the hamstring muscles is to bend over and try to touch one’s feet with the tips of their fingers and hold the posture for as long as comfortable. This stretch as well as other exercise back stretches that provide relief from back pain can also be performed while being seated on the floor or on a hard surface.


Fast advice from our experts: Mostly, the flexion based lumbar stretching exercise are good for those with vertebral stenosis or tension through the lower back musculature. Start by lying on your spine with both legs bent. Get one knee up headed to your torso. Execute 2-3 times, holding each knee for 20-30 seconds. With a few basic exercises you’ll stretch and strengthen your back and supporting muscles. 

Please remember, if you’ve ever had back trauma or have other spinal conditions, such as osteoporosis, consult your doctor before doing stretching exercises.

*** Any sprain of the spine should be carried out only according to the doctor’s prescription and under his strict control. As a rule, such techniques suggest that the patient does not hang, but lies on the traction table. Very often the procedure is carried out in water, which reduces the risk of injury.

If the doctor has not appointed anything similar to you, you do not need to experiment. Moreover, it is possible to create conditions for the natural restoration of the cartilaginous tissue of the discs and joints in more pleasant ways. For example, enroll in the pool and twice a week for 45 – 60 minutes to swim, including on the back. Or eight hours a day to sleep on your back on a semi-rigid mattress  or on the Detensor mattress.

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