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Back Pain Causes: Bad Sitting Postures, Strained Spinal Muscles

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Back Pain Causes: Result of Bad Sitting Postures and Strained Spinal Muscles

bad sitting posture and back pain

Back pain is the most common complaint in United States with 8 out of 10 people suffering from it at some point in their life. Majority of them are not aware as to what are this back pain causes. In most cases, strained spinal muscle is the culprit. Even if the pain is sudden, the cause may have been long-lasting.

In majority of the back pain causes backache does not persist for too long and so is not to be worried about. But, if pain persists for a considerable time, medical attention is necessary. Since strain is the major cause, relaxing the strained spinal muscles i.e., taking rest on bed is believed to be the best way out. But studies have shown that it is better to go on with our regular life while taking necessary pain relieving measures.

The back pain is usually categorised into acute and short or recurring or chronic and long. The acute kind disappears within six weeks of notice. The home remedies have proved to be particularly relieving for this kind. People suffering recurring pain will have it reappearing now and then. Since the chronic type persists for a prolonged period of time, it poses a serious problem. Immediate medical assistance upon identification is advised.

The back pain causes are different for different people, so is the severity of pain. The back related pain can be a mild pain which vanishes after some time or it can be very intense where in you cannot take the pain any longer. Also the onset of it might be sudden, which makes it even more dangerous. Recurring and chronic pains are not to be ignored as this might pose a bigger problem. It is always good that once it is identified as recurring doctor’s advice is taken. In most cases bad sitting posture and back pain are connected and it is the main cause of backache.

People with the following symptoms should consult the doctor immediately.

  • Not being able to be stand stably.
  • Feeling numb in the back or the genital area.
  • Weakness in legs.
  • Facing difficulty while urinating.
  • Acute pain in legs.


Out of all the back pain remedies, relaxing the muscles is the essential and effective one. Massaging helps in relaxing the strained spinal muscles and helps as a great remedy for reducing the pain. Knowing the cause can help to take the exact remedy needed for the same. In most of the cases a poor sitting posture or few activities involving lifting, bending or even twisting pose a threat for the back.

Observing the symptoms and getting treated for the same is very important. Rehabilitation measures for the same help in reducing the problem. Following are the various tests to find the cause of the back pain.

  • Urine test
  • Blood test
  • X-ray of the sacral or lumbar region
  • Ultrasonography of pelvis and abdomen
  • MRI of the spine
  • Examination of genitourinary organs such as prostate, rectum etc.

In addition to the confirmation with the above tests it is important that recommended drugs are taken. Most common drugs suggested for people suffering from lower back pain are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs and Acetaminophen. Doctors advise muscle relaxants or narcotic pain medications for acute pains.

And this is another natural solution for the people with sedentary lifestyle or job:

Orthopedic pillow for passive spinal discharge in the sitting position with the system “Detensor” is intended for prevention, as well as treatment of diseases of the lumbar spine, sciatica, scoliosis, back pain.

This preventive (and curative) orthopedic pillow under the waist is always desirable to have at hand to comfortably remove the static load on the back in a sitting position.

Pillow, in a short time, will help quickly remove excessive fatigue, remove unpleasant pain in the lumbar spine, reduce excessive fatigue in the back area with a long sitting on a chair or in a car seat.

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