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Specific Low Back Pain Physical Therapy and Exercises

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Low and upper pack pain relief exercises and physical therapy


Back pain is recognized as a very common phenomenon amongst individuals who are below 45 years. As a result of this back pain physical therapy and exercises have become essential to overcome this problem.  Back pain can be rectified successfully only if the correct reason for the pain is recognized. For all kinds of backache excluding few exceptions spine pain workouts are helpful irrespective of whether the pain is in lower back or upper back.


Reasons for pain in different spinal areas

Back pain mainly associated with human spine. Therefore, before we find out about the workouts related to back pain, we’ll try to understand the human spine and its structure and the possible reasons for this pain in the back. Spinal column of the human body supports for the mobility and for structural stability. This spinal column only helps us move around, twist and bend. 24 vertebrae are positioned on one another starting from skull up to the pelvis in order to form the structure of the spinal column. Muscles and ligaments are together support to wrap the spinal column tightly. If any damage happens to these ligaments and muscles it is a one cause for back pain. But if you involve with appropriate back pain exercises regularly most types of back pain can be reduced or rectified.


The safest therapy for backache

If the spinal column had to face for an unexpected shake or shock back pain might happen. Sudden movements, jerks, improper posture or repetitive actions are the main triggers for these unexpected shakes on the spinal column.  Some of the diseases like viral infections, kidney or bladder infections, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, trauma and tumors and gynecological issues in women also help trigger pain in your back. Overweight, lifting and carrying heavy loads, wearing of inappropriate shoes like factors also help trigger spine pain. Most of these reasons are avoidable therefore safeguarding the spinal column is most important than any other remedy, but incase if you start to experience a back pain the next safest remedy is to involve in back pain exercises as it has no side effects unlike in other treatments.

If a person starts to experience a back pain suddenly and if he feels that is not due to sudden movements, jerks, improper posture or not due to bladder or bowel accompanied problems, rather than waiting for any longer he must consult a physician and should get directed for proper treatments.

If you maintain a correct posture when standing, sitting or involving in any other action and if you regularly practice back pain exercises there is great possibility that you can avoid back pain. Majority of us normally bend from our waist to collect an object which is on the floor, this habit is very bad and can cause dangerous effect to the spinal column. Therefore, without bending we must lower our body by bending the knees.


Back pain exercises are not complex at all and no hard workouts. Even if you sit on a standard comfortable chair or stand straight, these are the simple exercises that you have to do to avoid backache. Standing and sitting for a long period also very bad for the spinal column therefore you should move regularly or take regular breaks from your work position. When sleeping also follow a correct posture and consider about the form of mattress on your bed. If it’s not appropriate, look for a standard but comfortable mattress. Keep away from leaning forward and slouching all the time. Meditation and yoga also very good for relieving lasting back pain but it takes time.

In addition to appropriate standing and sitting postures there are few other simple low back pain exercises that you could practice regularly. Leg raises, wall slides, leg swings and even abdominal strengthening exercises are few of them and these help to strengthen the muscles and toning up the back muscles and overall providing a good support to the spinal column.

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