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Working and Living with Chronic Back Pain

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Living with Chronic Back Pain Daily

Lower back pain discomfort could ruin your daily life

Lower Back Pain or lumbar pain is one of the most common problems for the global population and it definitely could affects your life and employment work. Lower back pain symptoms are usually associated with the Lumbar Spine which curves towards the abdomen, and Sciatic nerve which runs from the lower spine and passes deep through the buttock. Such a pain maybe acute or chronic in nature and may spread to back of the thighs, buttock and of course the lower back.

 Causes and Symptoms of Acute Back Pain

This type of pain may result due to a sudden twist of the back muscles or over exertion to the same. It is identified as a muscle tear or sprain which can be relieved by proper bed rest. On the other hand, heavy lifting or excessive use of the injured muscle on the day of injury will most probably cause muscle spasms or soreness. Different symptoms of spinal diseases affected the ability to work. This is impossible to overestimate the impact that your lower (lumbar) back pain on to your job and daily life. Lumbar pain be able to spoil your physical conditions and have a deep influence on your mood, and affects every other part of your daily life.

Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain

Several causes are traced as responsible for the Chronic Back Pain.

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis: What is your first impulse to deal with an unexpected back pain? To lie down and take rest? Well, if Ankylosing Spondylitis is what you are suffering from, it tends to get worse with bed rest. On waking up, you may in fact experience severe pain and stiffness. 16-35 is the age group commonly diagnosed as having this disease. Exercise can help you feel better in this case.
  • Psychogenic Back Pain: While a lot of people don’t give much thought to this idea, psychological disturbances can lead to chronic back pain as well. This is also termed as somatoform disorder and the patient may indeed be feeling actual pain symptoms which although maybe rooted in person’s own exaggeration of a minor injury.
  • Lower back and Leg Pain: When the pain is due to herniated disks, compression fractures, spinal stenosis, swelling due to pus between the spinal cord and the covering, tumours of the cauda equine nerve which results in the irritation of sciatic nerve, the pain may seep downwards through the leg. A numbness or weakness of the leg may also be attributed to this problem.
  • Mechanical Basis of Back Pain: One of the primary causes of backache is bad posture and it is highly recommended that proper posture is engraved in a person’s habit. Stooping strains your back and prolonged strains can also be the cause of the pain in your back. Other noted causes of chronic back pain are Obesity and Pregnancy.
  • Herniated Spinal Disk Issues: Predominantly in adults, bulging outward of the spinal disk between the vertebrae is also found to cause Chronic back pain.
  • Malignant Tumour: If the pain doesn’t subside in spite of bed rest and other remedies, a probable cause could be tumors of cauda equine.
  • Other causes of lower back pain: Sudden weight loss, old age, cancers of the lung, breast or prostrate can be agents of the pain. Excessive smoking can also be added to the list of possibly causes.

Treatment of diseases of the spine with the use of the multipurpose system “Detensor”

In the world there are many supporters of traction therapy. Traction means stretching, which is used as the main treatment for certain diseases. When lumbalgia, lumboischialgia medical professional specialists consider this treatment method to be the main one. However, in all cases, we are talking about the use of the old technique of traction, associated with inconveniences and psychological stress for patients.

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