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Common Myths and Facts About Back Pain Problems

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Facts vs Myths About Back Pain Problems


In order to understand back pain, we must separate the truth from the myths by looking at the facts.  Back pain is the most common disability for people under the age of 45, and it is second in the US only to the common cold as the reason why a person visits a healthcare provider.  Less than one percent of acute lower back pain is caused by a serious condition like a spinal injury, infection, or cancer, and for people under the age of 50, the percentage is even lower.  Let’s look at the common myths below and see what the facts really are.

Common back pain problems are includes:

  • 1. Lumbar Herniated or Bulging Disc
  • 2. Spinal Nerve Compression
  • 3. Sprain/Strain and/or tendon injury
  • 4. Degenerative Disc Disease
  • 5. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  • 6. Spinal infections or Tumors (but these are less common)

There is really nothing wrong with you

Around 90% of people who suffer from chronic back pain have been incorrectly told this by their doctors.  The reason is that around 90% of low back pain is caused by an unknown issue such a certain injury or an infection, and the pain usually lasts from four to 6 weeks.

People don’t die from chronic back pain

People have been known to commit suicide due to the combination of the pain, anxiety, and depression that result from chronic back pain.

Most pain requires back surgery

The reason for this myth is that even though less than 2 percent of all people who experience back pain require surgery, back pain is the third most common cause for surgery.

Most workers do not suffer from back pain at work

In the US, the most common occupational hazard is back pain.

You just need to lie down and rest for a while

Doctors actually recommend that you remain active in order to decrease the duration of the problem and to find relief because bed rest can actually slow your recovery.

Men experience back pain more frequently than women

The only difference with regards to genders is that men suffer more from pain caused by disc disorders that occur during middle age.  When you look at race, there is a higher incidence of low back pain in Caucasians than in African-Americans or other races.

Pain that is not regular or consistent must be inaccurate or imagined

People are all different, and their cases are different as well.  The events, activities, pain and even the people themselves are different from day to day, and their descriptions of their pain also differ, so there is no cookie-cutter diagnosis that will work for everyone.

Most widely known also are these back pain myths:

  • 1. Most back pain problems sooner or later requires surgery
  • 2. If you feel back pain it’s best to lie down until the pain goes away
  • 3. Common back problems leads to paralysis if untreated
  • 4. Your back pain always will get worse with age

Don’t believe myths you hear about back pain!

Most medical professionals be able to develop an effective tactic for back pain treatment based on a detailed medical history and physical examination. Only doctors could provide truthful spine health diagnostic and prescribe the right back pain treatment.

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