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Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief

sciatic nerve pain relief

Everyday Life Ordinary Back Pain Relief Products

Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief


One can pursue various methods to bring about back pain relief but certain back pain relief products have been found helpful by millions in ridding them from the pain they feel each day. These ordinary back pain relief products and devices come in many different styles, sizes and even price ranges. If you are struggling with spinal aching, pain relief can be available right at your fingertips. The“relief” can take the form of a brace, a cushion, a massager, or even some type of exercise equipment. It may even come in the form of a cream or gel. One can find relief with heat therapy or an ice pack/compress as well. Some even find magnets useful. There is a plethora of choices available!

While these lumbar pain relief products are known to bring about comfort, their casual use in as a remedy for back pain cannot be equaled to medical advice. One must acquire complete knowledge regarding their usage in order to make them effective. Back pain can be a very severe problem and should be checked up by a physician if the pain is unbearable or persistent.


A back brace can provide support for your back and provide other benefits as well. It stabilizes the back, acts as a compression cushion, and helps maintain better posture. Back braces can normally be worn under a jacket all day long, if needed.


A back cushion that provides lumbar support can bring about a lot of comfort if you are lying down or sitting at a place for any length of time. They raise and push forward the lumbar area (lower back) and the stomach area. This also helps pull the shoulders back, correcting the posture. This not only helps bring immediate relief, but also helps prevent or reduce recurrence.


Back massagers are available in various sizes and setting options. They are manual, electric or battery operated. They relax and soothe spinal muscles bringing immense relief. Massage as a means of relief for back or muscle pain is on old method, but has a long history of success.


Different types of exercise equipments, designed specifically to help strengthen and stretch the back are obtainable from the market. These equipments de-stress the spine,thereby releasing pressure and tension.


A lot of people find heat therapy beneficial in controlling their back pain. This makes it a highly recommended means of finding relief. It helps relax the muscles and increases the blood flow in the affected area. The universal heat therapy products are heating pads, hot packs and heat wraps.


Analgesic gels and creams can be used effectively to control back pain. They are the source of immediate relief. Also, sprays and patches which offer the same results can be used. While some of these products use just heat, others use an additional cooling sensation to bring relief.


Ice packs are primarily used to decrease inflammation. These are useful in calming the inflamed area and reducing acute strains or back spasms. This method can be used in conjunction with heat therapy; alternating between the two to bring long-term relief.


Back magnets work in accordance with the body’s electrical activity, thus improving blood circulation and reducing stress. Back magnets come in the form of seat cushions, belts, and patches.

There isn’t a single ‘super-product’ available for back pain relief that works alike for everyone. Many a times, it takes a combination of methods to achieve a state of well being, depending on what works for each individual. Nonetheless, most of the products mentioned above are easily accessible and affordable.


Here is another great non-invasive solution. Just lie down on a Detensor bioresonance therapeutic spinal traction mat in privacy of your home and dive into the stream of vibrations and sounds. The main advantage of the therapy hinges on the fact that, through the position of the patient on the Detensor Therapeutic System, 18% of the vibrations made are transferred directly to the spinal column and thereby reach the central nervous system.

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