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Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Remedies

sciatic nerve pain relief

Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Remedies


Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Remedies


Back pain is quite a common phenomenon that we face in our life and it generally occurs due to wrong posture habits or due to sudden body movements (also called jerked movements). All of us are prone to back pain since the lower portion of our back is instrumental in supporting a large portion of our body weight. The stability and the fitness of our lower back depend on the strength and position of our vertebral bodies along with those of the inter-vertebral disks.

Back pain is often come across as a short-term phenomenon that can be rectified by exercising or by consuming painkillers. However, in certain cases back pain can become chronic and lead to recurrence even by the slightest of the jerked movements.


As back pain is not usually associated with an injury or illness, it may even subside without medication in mild cases. Also, painkillers such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can prove to be quite useful in relieving the back pain in its initial stages, if need be. Application of a cold pack/compress on the affected area in the first 24-48 hours of the pain is also found to be effective in reducing the pain. In addition to the above mentioned remedies, other commonly available easy back pain remedies (that are organic) include applying mixtures made using Comfrey Root and special massage oils.


People suffering from back pain should avoid sudden turning and/or bending movements. However, bed rest is not recommended for people suffering from back pain. Instead, he/she should continue with his/her regular day-to-day activities, taking precaution to avoid sudden movements. For those facing moderate back pain, exercises such as short walks, stretching and swimming are recommended. Since the back pain is not related to an injury, limited medical treatment is available for the same.

Traditional remedies for local back pain treatment

1. For the treatment of osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia

Prepare a food film, a piece of cotton or linen cloth and a warm woolen cloth or handkerchief. Mix in a separate container of one teaspoon of honey and aloe juice. If there is an allergy to honey, then this component can be excluded. In a separate bowl, mix 100 g of blue clay and three glasses of warm water (no more than 40 ° C) of water – the mass should be uniform and resemble a cream in consistency. In the clay mass, add a mixture of honey and aloe juice and mix everything thoroughly. The resulting composition is applied to the affected area of ​​the back and wrapped in a food film. On a food film to put a cotton napkin and to wrap up a warm woolen fabric.

Compress for about an hour and take off. Skin clean with a warm damp cloth from the remains of clay and again wrap it with a warm cloth. Such compress of clay can be done if necessary, but the best effect is its three-day use during the day for 2-3 weeks.

2. Compress from black radish for the treatment of myalgias and radiculitis

This healing and burning compress can be used to treat many back pains: myalgia (chilled muscles), intercostal neuralgia (pains surrounding the environment, which are provoked by inflammation of the intercostal muscles and nerves), lumbago and radiculitis. To implement it, you need: a piece of dense cotton fabric, grater, black radish, food film and a warm cloth for wrapping.

Place the fabric on your back so that it covers the entire area of ​​pain. Radish grate and put the resulting gruel on a cloth. Cover the cloth with a radish food film and wrap it with a warm cloth. Keep such a compress you need to feel a strong burning sensation. Then the compress is removed, and the skin of the back is cleared from the radish juice with a warm moist napkin. The procedure can be repeated 2 times a day or 1 time, alternating it with other recipes, until complete recovery.

3. Horseradish and raw potatoes against back pain

To prepare this folk recipe you need: potato tubers, horseradish and honey. The mixture for the compress is prepared every time fresh. Potatoes and horseradish rubbed on a grater and mixed in equal proportions. The resulting mass is added a spoonful of honey and everything is thoroughly mixed until a sticky and sticky mixture forms. The resulting paste is put on the areas of pains with a layer that is equal to the thickness of the finger, and wrapped in a thin food film and a warm cloth.

In order to withstand the compress you need to be patient, because it gives a strong burning sensation. To sustain this procedure is necessary within an hour. Then the compress is removed, and the skin is cleaned with a damp warm cloth. Compresses from potatoes and honey are made daily until the pain in the back disappears completely.


Traditional naturopathic medicine taking internally

1. Root of parsley from osteochondrosis

In neutral  bowl place 3 teaspoons of chopped dry parsley root and pour 500 ml of water. Close the lid and simmer the broth over low heat. The resulting broth strain and take twice a day for 1 tablespoon.

2. Aspen buds remedy for radiculitis

Pour 1 tablespoon of aspen buds with a glass of boiling water, wrap the container with a warm towel and insist for an hour. Strain the infusion and take 1 tablespoon 4-5 times a day.

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