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Back Pain Treatment Guide

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Back Pain Treatment Guide: Variety of Options Available


Back pain can be due to many different issues, but 90% of the time, the pain in the back is able to be easily treated and cured by non-surgical methods.  If the backache continues for a long period of time, however, it is necessary to seek medical attention from a healthcare professional.


The main way to successfully treat back pain is to properly identify its cause.  Spinal pain can range anywhere from a dull aching feeling to a searing pain.  There are many possible causes for back pain, such as infection, arthritis, Osteoarthritis, a bone fracture, or even a tumor.  Even if the symptoms appear suddenly, the cause of the pain may be an issue that has been developing over a long period of time.  The only way to ensure that the back or neck pain goes away is to properly identify what is causing the pain in the first place.


Several treatment and relieve options exist to help people suffering from the symptoms caused by their back pain.  The issue that is causing the symptoms will determine how to cure backache is required, and therefore, it may vary from patient to patient.  The best way to find the cause of the pain, and the severity of the condition, is to seek treatment from a specialist.


Many people think that bed rest is the best way to relieve their back pain, but the best treatment of all for pain in spine is actually exercise.  Studies have shown that rest does not help a person recover from back aching.  People who continue to lead their normal life, while taking some type of pain-relieving measures, have a more successful recovery.  Simple tasks such as stretching, taking short walks, and swimming are the most recommended types of back pain treatments.  It is best for a person to start each type of exercise slowly, and gradually build up their speed over a period of time.


The first treatment that is usually recommended, most often within the first 48 hours after the symptoms begin, is to place a bag of ice or a cold pack on the sore area for 5-10 minutes.  The purpose applying ice to the injured area is to reduce and swelling and inflammation, to make the soft tissue in the area numb, and to slow down the nerve impulses.


There are also many different over-the-counter drugs available to reduce the pain associated with back pain.  Many drugs have serious side effects, so you should always consult with a physician before taking any medications.  Drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, Ketoprofen, and Naproxen are classified as non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), are used for pain reduction, and also, help to reduce the swelling and inflammation so that healing can occur.


If the pain is acute or chronic back pain, an oral steroid or anticonvulsant may also be used.  Steroid injections can be used to reduce inflammation, and can be effective for the treatment of more serious conditions such as degenerative disc disease, disc herniation, and spinal stenosis.  A doctor will inject the steroid directly into the membrane surrounding the nerve roots, also called dura.


Many other types of back pain treatments exist, such as massage therapy, spine adjustment and electrotherapy by chiropractors and osteopaths, and even acupuncture in some cases.  If none of these treatments serve to eliminate the back pain, surgery may be a consideration.




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