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Common Source of the Lower Back Pain

sciatic nerve pain relief

Common Source of the Lower Back Pain


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Our way of life is changing day-by-day and the trend of spinal column and discomfort or pain in the lower portion of back has become a part of our life.   One of the main causes of the pain in the lower spinal column is incorrect posture and improper exercise.  The therapy of such a backache may be different from a simple medicine or practice to surgery. It all depends on the gravity or severity of matter.


While usually, the patient feels pain in the vertebral and sacral parts, other parts of the body may be affected by it as well.  The most common reason of the lower back pain might be a wrench in the muscles or the ligaments comprising the lower portion of the backbone.   Degeneration due to arthritis or ageing, spondylitis, tumors and infections are some of the additional problems which point the finger at the lower back pain.


In most of the cases where pain is located in the lower vertebrae, it disappears after some time.  On the other hand, it may continue to the buttock or the leg in some cases.   Complete medical treatment happens to be mandatory in cases where in the pain is constant and intensified with time or where it might result in feebleness in the foot or inability to control the bladder.


Sometimes, due to severity or continual lower back pain you do not sleep properly and stay disturbed throughout the night. These kinds of problems are often common at that time.  In our day to day life, we face problems such as fatigue, drowsiness and exhaustion which can be resolved by the special kind of pillows. These are mainly designed for maintaining our body posture and in order to ensure a proper sleep.   You may feel pain due to improper kind of mattresses which can affect the body posture of yours.


Pain in the lower region of spinal column may caused by damage to the backbone muscles and ligaments. To understand it better, learn more about spinal muscle anatomy and the symptoms of lower back strain. A herniated disc in the lumbar (low back) spine can put pressure on spinal nerve roots, causing lumbar or legs pain.


Pain in the lower vertebrae is a common human experience – almost everyone has it at some moment. The lumbar area aka lower vertebrae or lower back, which starts below the ribcage, is very painful region. Pain here can be severe and it is one of the main causes of sick days. Fortunately, low back pain often gets better on its own. When it doesn’t, there are effective treatments.

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