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Barbara S. from Croydon, PA

Successful experience after seven sessions of Detensor back therapy

My name Barbara and I had a lot of back pain… in my lower back, in my middle back & have had muscle spasms as a result of it. It has been ruining my life for 3 years. I couldn’t stay in one position for too long without my back stiffening up. I’ve tried chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage… they all helped me a little but not like the Detensor. Just after 1 session I began to feel relief. So I kept coming back because the pain came back, so I wanted to see if I kept using the Detensor every day, would the pain go away? And it does. I have used it for the past 7 days and my pain is greatly reduced by 90%. When I get up in the morning I feel good. As the day goes by my pain comes back but then I use the Detensor and then I feel good. I began wearing heels which I haven’t done in several years. And I believe the Detensor can help people that haven’t been helped by traditional therapies like myself.