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Tips for Lower Back Pain Relief

sciatic nerve pain relief

Tips for Lower Back Pain Relief

lopwer back pain relief tips

You may think that it is only who is suffering from back pain but this is the most common problem occurring in populations world over. Out of ten every eighth individual is suffering from this problem.

Common reasons for lower back pain

The most common cause of lower back pain is sudden movement or lifting of heavy objects by the people who are not used to it. The muscles of the back are more prone to such injuries and therefore experience swelling and pain. This over exertion of muscles is not good in long term and may result n permanent damage of the muscles therefore one must try to contain it in the early stages of the problem. Slipped disc is one such problem. It is actually the herniation of the disc present between the two vertebrae and this leads to impinging of the bone of the vertebrae on the nerves that come out of the spine causing pain.

Below are Some Tips How to Manage Low Back Pain Relief at Home:

  • Lying down: I often recommend starting your lie down by becoming aware of the support of the ground beneath you and noticing those parts of you that are making contact. Lie down with legs resting over a chair to ease back pain. This time the lower legs rest on a low piece of furniture (ideally probably something slightly lower than this chair – maybe over sofa or ottoman).
  • Hot or cold packs: What you can do for lower back pain relief with cold and/or hot? Don’t underestimate the pain reduction of simply applying cold packs and/or hot packs to help reduce your lower back pain and spur the healing process. Cold application has two primary benefits: It reduces inflammation, which is usually a culprit in any type of back pain.
  • Painkillers Medicines for low back pain relief: medicines such as those that have anti inflammatory effect should be had for reducing the inflammation of the tissues. These medications also act on the sensory fibres that carry pain to the central nervous system and therefore reduce pain.
  • Massage: massaging can also reduce the back pain in the lower back but it should be done with caution as vigorous massage can disrupt the healing tissues and cause further damage. Press down and maintain the pressure as you slide your thumbs up toward the middle of the back. Run your fingers lightly down the sides and repeat the upward sustained motions five or 10 times. Finish the massage with additional effleurage to cool down the muscles
  • Use the Detensor spinal traction mat: Traction of the spine using various methods often helps to get rid of pain in the region of the waist. But Detensor therapy has the highest efficacy and that the most important does not bring any side effects or complications. The most important problem with the spine is the compression of the intervertebral discs and the pinching of nerves as a result of gravity. So Detensor uses this gravity to heal and gently stretches the spine, freeing the clamped nerves and decompressing the intervertebral discs..

When you are relieved of your pain you must do certain exercises that are known to strengthen your back muscles. This will help to keep not only your back from getting injured but also keep the discs between your vertebrae in their place without letting them herniated.

However, if back pain persists for more than two to three weeks you must consult your doctor and have the best medical advice as there is nothing as good as the professional advice for your body ailments.

To help with lower back pain relief, you also can use the method of Detensor therapy. The Detensor therapeutic system was invented in 1978 in Germany by Professor K. Kienlein and is successfully used in clinics of therapeutic and orthopedic profile all over the world. This method meets the basic requirements for an ideal system for the restoration of the spine, and positively affects the central nervous system. The long-term extension of the spinal column is created in conditions of relaxation and in optimal directions in combination with the correct position of the spine while maintaining its physiological curves. This is provided by an elastic structure having inclined ribs, the position of which varies under the influence of the patient’s body.

When the patient is laying on the Detensor mat, optimal directional traction forces are formed, strictly depending on the weight of the patient’s body, which together leads to unloading of the kinematic system of the spine and excludes hyperextension. An important advantage of this system is the patient’s emotional comfort combined with the correction of muscle tone. This is evidenced by the normalization of the slow tonic phase of the nystagmus, which characterizes the increase in vestibular stability. There is a favorable effect on many psychophysiological processes: attention, memory, sensorimotor reactions, etc.

When the therapy is performed on the first procedures, regulation of arterial pressure to adaptive level is noted, both in the case of elevated blood pressure and in the presence of hemodynamic disorders in the hypotonic type.

Detensor therapy allows to eliminate muscular and tonic manifestations in a quality manner in conditions of prolonged relaxation, in combination with music and aromatherapy, to achieve a comfortable psycho-emotional state of the patient.

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