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Bill M. from Pennsylvania Back Stretching Mat Review

Happy Detensor patient

Actual patient, who had several back treatment sessions with Detensor therapy devices

I was diagnosed with herniated discs in C4 C5 and C6 and Spinal Stenosis in 2006. On a pain and symptom scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worse, I have been living with a 3 almost constantly. Bad days it goes to a 7. I know what you are thinking, “3”? That does not sound so bad.” But in reality a “3” can sometime be the difference in what choices I make during the day. If my kids want to play basketball with me on any giving day, I need to think about the “3” and where I will be the next day. The day after swimming in the ocean, or having fun at a water park or amusement park with my boys I am often incapacitated with a pain and symptom level of a “7”. A pain and symptom level of a “7” is often life altering. I have been on various medications and sought different treatments and pain management through Chiropractors, Physicians and Physical Therapy. I have used Inversion Therapy, specialized pillows and various heat and coolant pads. Recently I was invited to try the DETENSOR TRACTION MATT SYSTEM. I was apprehensive as this was just one more attempt at relieving my pain. Trying the DETENSOR for the first time was a little bit uncomfortable. I had to make sure my back and body was properly aligned. This caused slight discomfort as my body was not used to being properly aligned. However the very next day I felt great. I had very little to no symptoms and my pain level was at a “1”. This lasted for a few days. I tried the DETENSOR again and had the very same outcome. I can only believe with continued and regular use of the DETENSOR that I will be able to manage my pain and symptoms to a very comfortable level. The result will be a better and more active life.