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Cervical Spine Stretching Device Detensor

Cervical Spine Stretching Device Detensor



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Weight and Dimensions (packaged) of Cervical Spine Stretching Pillow Device from Detensor
Width 18 inches
Height 4 inches
Depth 9 inches
Weight 0.5 lbs
Additional Information about cervical traction pillow Detensor
The functional cervical spine extending and support device Detensor (FCS, as illustrated) helps relieve muscular tension in the cervical region and is effective in treating patients suffering from cervical headaches. The Cervical support provides a gentle stretches which contributes to the traction along the entire spinal column. The FCS can be used and bought as a stand-alone product or as a part of Detensor® Traction System. Sleeping cervical stretch and neck support pillow is very compact, but useful device which able to help you to improve your spine health in the cervical area.
How to use cervical support pillow
Detensor functional cervical support FCS-002 FCS-003 FCS-004