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Cervical Traction Device Detensor Pillow

Cervical Traction Device Detensor Pillow



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Neck (Cervical) Traction Device Roll Pillow

Indications for use:

  • in complex treatment on a therapeutic mat Detensor;
  • pain, discomfort, tension in the region of the cervical spine;
  • inter-vertebral hernia in the cervical spine;
  • degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spine, osteochondrosis;
  • full recovery after a long stay in a forced position, physical over strain, hypothermia;
  • unsystematic headache, migraine;
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Weight and Dimensions (packaged) of Cervical Spine Stretching Pillow Device from Detensor
Width 18 inches
Height 4 inches
Depth 9 inches
Weight 0.5 lbs
For people experiencing neck pain, traction of the neck, also known as cervical traction device, is a commonly used therapy. In cervical traction, tension is placed on the head to pull it up and away from the neck, stretching the muscles and ligaments around the vertebrae of the spine and expanding the space between the vertebrae. The goal is to provide the opportunity for muscles to relax and pinched nerves to be released.
Additional Information about cervical traction device Detensor
The functional cervical spine extending and support device Detensor (FCS, as illustrated) helps relieve muscular tension in the cervical region and is effective in treating patients suffering from cervical headaches. The Cervical support provides a gentle stretches which contributes to the traction along the entire spinal column. The FCS can be used and bought as a stand-alone product or as a part of Detensor Cervical Traction System. Sleeping cervical stretch and neck support pillow is very compact, but useful device which able to help you to improve your spine health in the cervical area.
How to use cervical traction device support pillow
Detensor functional cervical support FCS-002 FCS-003 FCS-004

Pic 1 - Take the FCS preferably in the middle in both hands so that both hands touching himself each other with the flat side down. Squeeze FCS pillow, preferably for at least a half of original size. It is important to ensure that the edges (alongside) where the flat bottom or in the convex top the neck stub end form merges not be bent upwards but downwards to the flat side down.


Now create the FCS as in Pic 2 tide in the neck. Because they hold the FCS at both end up like Pic 3. Next, they move the FCS towards head about 1/2 "and then let the FCS straighten and take its original shape. Now tracks a little long strain on the neck which is no longer to Touch after 2-3 minutes. This process can be repeated 2-3 times in the distance of 3-5 minutes.


You may raise the head or sit up then repeat the process. After expiration of 45 minutes can rise up or break down all the way to their feelings.


With the sharp pain headaches, tension-or swirls deformity, if possible to use for 45 minutes three to four times a day and during the night sleep in the first week.

In the second week two to three times a day and during the night sleep.

In the third and fourth week once or twice a day, at noon, in the evening and during the night sleep.

After symptoms will be cured apply once daily for 45 minutes.

Use of the FCS during the night sleep should not be waived.


Printable instruction how to use Detensor Functional Cervical Traction Device available here.


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Detensor cervical traction neck roll pillow could help you to improve sleeping posture and to relieve upper back and neck pain.