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Pain Relief Device FDA Approved OTC

Pain Relief Device FDA Approved OTC



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The only FDA approved pain relief device for over-the-counter sales - Pain Relief Device Heatlux Pro II

Pain relief device - HeatLux Pro II Device

Stop the chronic pain, finally. Our pain relief electronic device will help.

According to FDA HeatLux Pro II is an "over the counter hand held device intended to emit energy in the visible, near IR, and RF spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature for a temporary relief of minor muscular and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain or muscle spasm, the temporary increase in local blood circulation, and temporary relaxation of muscles."


This Pain Relief Device Could Make Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief Therapy for:

  •  Treatment Options for Chronic Pain
  •  Sport Injuries, Back Injuries, and Back Pain
  •  Common Injuries & Trauma Pain Cure
  •  Menstrual Cramps (Dysmenorrhea) Relief Option

Heatlux Pro II Pain Relief Device utilize 3 potent energy sources:


IR warmth energy. Double Optical Power – Light with 2 different wavelengths: Infra-Red (IR) and red band for relieving skin pain and stiffness. Intensely pungent technology that spreads over the muscles and joints and improves blood flow circulation to cure the source of the pain.


Low Level Laser Energy (LLLT). Low Light Laser Treatment to release muscle spasms. Low Level Laser therapy is an easy and trouble-free process, and clinical studies proved plenty of health benefits that include, but not limited:  lumbar pain relief, therapy of muscular and joint aches, treatment of pain and toughness connected with arthritis, calming muscle spasms, and improving local blood circulation.


Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF) Energy. Deep diffusion process that reaches the muscles and joints and increases blood flow to treat the cause of the pain. The clinical efficacy of radiofrequency (RF) is to distribute numerous morphologies of energy to biologic tissue, with objectives ranging from devastation to rejuvenation.


Patients Testimonials:

George D.
Uses product for: 14 weeks

"After buying and using Heatlux Pro II Pain Relief I have no pain in my shoulder. When I feel like its tender, I immediately use it to prevent the pain. I couldn’t be happier."*

Clara T.
Uses product for: 30 weeks

“We purchased Heatlux Pro II Pain Relief almost a year ago and we are grateful we did. It’s great for pain management. It helped me with my sore hip and helped my husband with his lower back. I highly recommend it for older age."*

Michael J.
Uses product for: 8 weeks

“I had some everyday back pain and was worried it might turn into something chronic. I contacted the company and they were very helpful so I decided to purchase the device. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks now and feel much better. I feel I made the healthy choice!"*

Chris B.
Uses product for: 10 weeks

“I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology I felt more convinced. It’s been highly effective for my carpal tunnel and I’m off painkillers."*

Johanna A.
Uses product for: 20 weeks

“I have used Silk’n Relief and was able to avoid surgery. I have no pain and nothing limits the use of my elbow anymore."*

Lora Q.
Uses product for: 3 weeks

“I use the device to treat my sore neck. My pain is not completely gone but it was greatly reduced. And it didn’t take long – it was almost immediate."

Pain relief device  is designed for multiple types and sources of chronic pain. In a published study, 4 out 5 people reported an improvement in chronic pain.

This small device provided pain relief from chronic pain involving the feet, legs, low back and much more.

Dedicated to Bringing Advanced Solutions as the Chronic Pain Relief Device.


You can assist your body to repair itself by assuring the treatment, mostly increased blood rotation as well as pain relief and muscle relaxation.