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Lumbar Traction Devices – Lower Back Pain Relief Mat

Lumbar Traction Devices – Lower Back Pain Relief Mat
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Lumbar (Lower Back) Pain Relief Device (Spinal Decompression Traction Mat) Detensor
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Spinal Decompression Detensor Therapy involves stretching the spine, using a Detensor traction mat (gentle back stretching device), with the goal of relieving back pain and/or leg pain. This procedure is called non surgical decompression therapy (as opposed to surgical spinal decompression, such as laminectomy and microdiscectomy).


In the late 1990’s, the FDA cleared spinal decompression therapy for use in the United States. Over the past decade, the treatment has gained immense popularity as a nonoperative means of relieving back, leg, arm and neck pain. Detensor therapy is one of the safest and the most effective. After over 4.5 millions patients there are no any negative side effects was noted.


Lumbar Traction Device Weight and Dimensions Packed in the Bag.

Width 24 inches
Height 18 inches
Depth 10 inches
Weight 8 lbs

Additional Information about Detensor Lower Back-Pain Relief Device (Traction Mat)


Detensor Lower Back (Lumbar) Pain Relief Traction Mat basic idea is to stretch and decompress the spinal cord and reduce the spine inter-vertebral tension (this is where we got name -De-tensor). This back pain treatment procedure occurs without the involvement of any external force, medication or surgery, but only as the redistribution of the force of gravity of the patient, opposite to how your spine compressed based on to your weight. It is intended for treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Mat Detensor with an extension force of 18% is used for intensive treatment of the spine, both in medical and at home.


The idea of a method for treating lumbar-pain and spinal disorders of health The Detensor is based on a simple principle - when the patient lays on the Detensor, the rib structure of the mat redistributes the gravity force (the weight of the patient) to the horizontal spinal tract, with an effort of about 18% of the patient's weight. That is, the cause of compression of the spine works against the effects of this compression.


The Detensor is the most advanced form of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy in the world today. In addition to the treatments via the Detensor, the patient will also be feel strong energizing and rejuvenating effect. Since 1993, after years of successful clinical studies, Detensor entered the retail market and during this time about 5 million people passed through the treatment procedure without a single incident of negative side effects. This is explained by the non-invasive nature of the Detensor method. Efficiency according to statistics was more than 85%.


How to Use Detensor Lower Back (Lumbar) Pain Relief Decompression Mat (Home Device)

Please follow the instructions accompanying the product, to achieve the lower back pain treatment result, it is very important to do everything right. Here, just want to add that during the procedure patient cannot move, cannot even watch TV, read a book or to talk. Patient just need to relax and in 45 minutes you will feel the positive results of the lower back pain treatment.

Make sure you are using Detensor Lumbar Pain Relief Mat designed and produced by Detensor Kurt L Kienlein EU Austria only. Imitations could not provide needed help.

Products "Detensor" is made of foam polyurethane with a very low coefficient of deformation, which allows you to preserve the functional properties for up to 20 years.


The method of Detensor is used for the following diseases:

- Acute Pain, Chronic Pain, and Neuropathic Pain
- Back and Lumbar Muscle Strains and Sprains
- Spinal Disc Herniation and Disc Protrusion
- Degenerated Intervertebral Disc Prolapse and Osteoporosis
- Idiopathic Scoliosis in Children, Adolescents and Adults
- Bedsores (Decubitus Ulcers) Prevention and Treatment
- Lumbar (Low Back) Compression Fracture
- Migraine Headaches and Upper Cervical Care
- Stomach or Lungs are Trying to Tell You About Your Spine
- Infant Torticollis and Some Other Pediatric Problems
- in Professional Sports (muscle strain, post-traumatic rehabilitation)
- Prolapse of the Uterus, Hydronephrosis, Hypertension
- Disabled and/or Bedridden Patients


Printable instruction how to use Detensor Lower Back Pain Relief mat and Spinal Decompression Home Device available here.


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Detensor - traction mat for back stretching and spinal decompression utilize gravity and redistribute patient's weight into traction force.