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DETENSOR Spine Decompression Therapy Device

DETENSOR Spine Decompression Therapy Device
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Weight and Dimensions (in the bag)
Width 24 inches
Height 18 inches
Depth 10 inches
Weight 8 lbs
Additional Information
Mats Detensor basic idea is to tract and relax the spinal cord and remove the spine inter-vertebral tension. This occurs without the involvement of any external force, but only at the expense of redistribution of the force of gravity (weight) of the patient. Therefore, it is not known a single case of any complications or side effects.
How to Use
Please follow the instructions accompanying the product, so as to achieve the result it is very important to do everything absolutely right. Here, just want to add that during the procedure can not move, can not even watch TV, read a book or to talk. You just need to relax and in 45 minutes you will feel the positive effects. Make sure you are using products designed and produced by Detensor Kurt L Kienlein EU Austria only. Imitations could not provide needed help.