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Back Sitting Support Decompression Cushion for Chair

Back Sitting Support Decompression Cushion for Chair



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Weight and Dimensions
Width 13 inches
Height 21 inches
Depth 3 inches
Weight 1 lbs
Additional Information
This DETENSOR® Back Sitting Traction Back Support is suitable for use in cars, planes and trains plus office use or at home. This product creates a small comfort for the user spinal cord. And at the same time it produces for you back a curative effect. Try it yourself and you will feel the difference. Also available with integrated seat elements vertically stretching the back. The orthopedic back support system reduces sitting pressure by approximately 10%.
Cushion for the back is made of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, hypoallergenic, elastic and durable, does not contain harsh chemicals;
It retains its properties over 8-10 years;
The pillow can be used throughout the working day, has no contraindications to the use;
Elementary is installed on the back of the chair, the chair (working and disability) or car seat;
Vertical back relief cushion does not require special care, pouch (zipper) removable and washable.
How to Use