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500mg CBD Oil Tincture For Pets

500mg CBD Oil Tincture For Pets



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  • Description:
    Do you need a way to calm down your pets and make them less irritable? If yes, then the CBD oil tincture for pets is the right thing for you. It is a perfect solution to tackle with anxious pets and make them relaxed.

The CBD in the tincture is all natural and is free from any kind of chemical, preservative or additive. Once ingested, it makes its way to the endocrine system of the pets and calms down the areas of the brain that cause stress and anxiety. It can not only help them relax but can also enhance their quality of life by boosting their immune system.

  • Use:

The hemp oil can be mixed in the pets food. This way it will be easily ingested by the animals.

  • Dosage:

The dosage of the CBD tincture varies according to the weight of your pet. The recommended dosage is 10 drops for pets up to 25lbs, 20 drops for pets weighing between 26lbs to 50lbs and 30 drops for pets weighing more than 50lbs.

  • Ingredients:

The tincture is made of pure and herbal CBD oil and plant extracts that are very good for the health of your beloved pet.