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500mg CBD Pain Relief Balm

500mg CBD Pain Relief Balm



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  • Description:
    The CBD pain relief Balm is a blessing in disguise for people suffering from chronic pain. Made with natural and minimally processed hemp oil, the balm focuses on the source of the pain and alleviates it. This natural balm is not only great for pain but is amazing in terms of moisturizing the skin as well.

Special measures are taken to ensure that the balm is as natural as possible. No additives, colors or preservatives are included in the product to keep it natural and original.

  • Use:

Warm the balm in the palms of your hands and then apply a thin layer onto the skin of the area causing pain. Massage the balm till absorbed. Avoid areas with cuts or wounds. The product is for external use only.

  • Ingredients:

The main ingredient of the balm is CBD along with natural waxes and organic plant oils.