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CBD Herbal Oil Salve

CBD Herbal Oil Salve



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  • Description:
    Dealing with a variety of skin problems like eczema, skin irritation, cracked and dried hands as well as pain in muscles and joints? The CBD Herbal Oil Salve is the perfect product for you. The herbal CBD salve is effective for both healing skin problems as well as for alleviation of pain.

The nourishing and balanced blend of the cream is perfect for an immediate relief from pain. The cream is not only natural but is good for regular use as it does not have an irritating smell or stain that it may leave on your clothes.

  • Use:

Simply take a pea sized amount of cream and rub on area affected with pain. The microparticles of CBD extracts will make their way to the root of the pain and cause relief.

  • Ingredients:

The cream is a blend of different plant-based oils, CBD and beeswax along with other extracts.