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Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salt

Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salt

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  • Description:
    Who could have thought that a spa experience level bath could play such a vital and integral role in helping get rid of pain. The CBD bath salt is great to help body heal and rejuvenate especially if the person has recently experienced severe injuries or is suffering from severe pain.

The bath salts not only relieve pain but also moisturize the skin and make it fresh, soft and smooth. Thus it serves two services at the same time.

  • Use:
    Simple add the bath salts to a warm bath and step in and relax. The bath soak will help penetrate the pain-relieving ingredients into the skin and alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Ingredients:

The bath salt contains skin friendly and effective ingredients such as 25mg CBD, fragrant lavender and relaxing essential oils.