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Topical Pain Relief Patch ARCTICA

Topical Pain Relief Patch ARCTICA

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  • Description:

Need immediate pain relief? The Topical Pain Relief 10mg Patch is the perfect thing for you. Experience pain relief for up to 12 hours with this amazing patch. The patch helps the analgesic supplement to penetrate through the skin and reach the affected area to bring long term relief.

The patch is the most convenient, discreet and hassle free yet effective form of pain relief. Just wait for 15-30 minutes and you will see the patch ease the pain.

  • Use:

Simply apply the Topical Pain Relief Patch to the venous part of skin near the pain area with the contact layer facing the skin and let the patch work its magic. The bicep, rib, shoulder or the wrist area is the most recommended.

  • Ingredients:

The patch contains analgesic supplements and lycodine and methanol extracts to cause relief and alleviate pain.