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Two Parts Design Air Support Neck Collar with Pump

Two Parts Design Air Support Neck Collar with Pump



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Color: Brown
Layers: 3 layers
Inner material: Medical PVC
Size: Free size
Feature: Two parts design

Function: Relief neck pain, fatigue and tension

Four breakthroughs
A The size of inner diameter can be adjusted
B The front and back of the tractions can be filled air individually
C Being used, the tractions can keep away from the artery behind the ears
D When using the traction, you can adjust the angles(15°~25°) of traction in time to enjoy the better treatment

How to use
Step 1 Put the cervical traction around your neck, with the “Front” mark on the mandible
Step 2 According to your size, adjust the nylon buttons with the mark of size “S,L,M” and fix
Step 3 Move the valves of the inflating ball clockwise and press the inflating balls to inflate the front cell and the rear cell
Step 4 When you feel comfortable, please stop pressing. Then push the gas valves tightly
Step 5 Keep 15~30 minutes, twice per day
Step 6 After using, please slowly let the air out to avoid neck pain , tighten the knob and put the traction aside.
A Keep the inflatable amount appropriate and you feel comfortable and avoid stimulating or oppressing carotid artery.
B Please stop the traction if you feel dizzy or nausea, or have blurred vision. Be sure to deflate it slowly.
C Don’t tear it with strong force so as to break it. If the surface is dirty, you can clean it with water with a soft brush.
D It’s forbidden to use past the traction route limit.
E The minor should use according to the adults’ instructions.
F You had better use it according to the doctors’ instructions.
G Avoid contacting with oils, attention to the sun, away from heat.

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