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Baby Cervical Support Pillow for Newborns

Baby Cervical Support Pillow for Newborns



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Birth (natal) cervical spine injury related to perinatal (namely arise during childbirth), lesions of the central nervous system. Child birth is experiencing great congestion, expelling the baby forces inevitably act on the body, the baby's spine and his head meets resistance of the birth canal muscles of the pelvic floor. Cervical relaxation pillow Baby-Detensor intented for mitigation and rehabilitation of the baby at birth received the above-mentioned problems.

Weight and Dimensions
Width 9 inches
Height 1 inches
Depth 3 inches
Weight 0.25 lbs
Additional Information
Several pediatric studies with very positive outcomes have been conducted in Europe on children with abnormalities of the cervical spine. Noticeable increases were found in body height in children with hereditary growth retardation. Beneficial results were also seen in conditions such as asthma, scoliosis, chronic bronchitis and gastric re-flux. The functional cervical support for babies: Ideal postnatal support for the cervical spine of children and/or for stability and synergism of the cervical musculature of the newly born Special literature can be supplied upon request.