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Bed Sores Relief and Stretching Mattress Topper

Bed Sores Relief and Stretching Mattress Topper
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Bed Sore Relief Treatment | Bedding for Bed Sores Prevention and Cure

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Weight and Dimensions
Width 75 inches
Height 3.5 inches
Depth 39 inches
Weight 4 lbs
The Detensor Fibrotop can be placed on an existing mattress. Located in the lumbar region is a heart-shaped lamella. Above the lumbar vertebrae, the lamellae are redirected both towards the head as well as the feet. By this inclination, the traction force, which is counteracted by deflection of the body weight, results in a stretching of the spinal column.
  • Relaxation of deep muscle tissue and bed sores relief
  • Provides a stretching effect on the spine with a strength of up to 5% of the patient’s weight at the position on the back and 1-4% at other positions.
  • Improved metabolic supply to vertebral discs
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved lymphatic flow
  • Reduced dermal compression
  • Highly flexible adaptation in all sleeping positions
  • Neutral positioning of the spinal column

All of the benefits of Fibrotop Detensor dramatically prevents patients from bed sores relief and skin breakdown.

The Detensor Fibrotop Mattress Overlay is an effective nighttime solution for individuals who suffer from the effects of fibromyalgia. The soft segmented surface not only reduces dermal compression, but it also gently stretches the spine to ease muscle tension in the back.

Adaptable to all sleeping positions, the Detensor Fibrotop Mattress Overlay encourages deeper sleep, improves health and diminishes pain. It can also be used by healthcare professionals to mitigate the development of pressure ulcers in bed bound patients.

Researchers at the University of Marburg, Germany have very positive results provided in terms of pressure distribution, temperature distribution and moisture ventilation.

The material is pure, hypoallergenic and safe. All materials meet the OCRO-Tex standards 100%.
Material used contains silver particles, which have antimicrobial properties.

How to Use
The Detensor® Fibrotop Bed Sores Relief and Stretching Mattress Topper should not be used in combination with a memory foam mattress.

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Fibrotop provides several effects: prevention and treatment of decubitus, comfortable sleep, regulation of temperature regime plus stretching.