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Healing Spine Stretching Mattress Detensor

Healing Spine Stretching Mattress Detensor
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Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain While Sleeping with Detensor Healing Spine Stretching Mattress
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45-Days Money Back Guaranteed!
Device Weight and Dimensions
Width up to 76 inches
Height 8 inches
Depth up to 80 inches
Weight up to 90 lbs
Additional Information
The benefits and healing capabilities associated with spinal traction are well documented, in fact as far back as Hippocrates. As reported by physicians, more than 90% of the patients treated experienced a continual and lasting improvement and back pain relief during the course of back traction treatment. Although the Detensor Back Pain Relief Therapy System (RO5% and the RO18%) was initially designed for traction of the spinal column, use resulted in very positive daily back pain relief outcomes over a period of time.

The soft and elastic ribs of the healing spine stretching mattress are practically not felt, nevertheless, stretching to 5% of the body weight is provided on the mattress (depending on the position: by 5%, in the abdominal position, on the side - 1-4%). In the horizontal position, the spine is stretched, which increases the distance between the individual vertebrae. Intervertebral disks under these conditions get the opportunity to receive liquid with the necessary substances in larger quantities and have enough space for replenishing their volume. This contributes to the regeneration of damaged discs and the regress of existing prolapses. The vertebrae, displaced by spasmodic muscles, return with a normal position. Due to the stretching effect, the strained musculature receives a deep discharge, a new muscular stereotype is gradually formed, which leads to a permanent improvement in the spinal column.

The shape of the healing spine stretching mattress ribs and the features of the Detensor cover provide a comfortable sleep in summer and winter due to the distribution of temperature and humidity.

The action of the healing spine stretching mattress segments deliver back traction and also massages the connective tissue and spinal muscles, improves alignment of the spine and enables a good quality + relaxed deep sleep for the time spent lying. Skin circulation is not compromised due to the high elasticity of the mattress surface. The range of uses for the system is not restricted, since it is not possible to hyper extend the spinal column. No negative findings of the system have been reported since its launching. These experiences and the resulting daily back pain relief findings have established a secure position of the long term traction therapy in the treatment of back pain.
How to Use
Please note, the Detensor healing spine stretching mattress must be supported by a rigid frame or base to enable the full benefits. Slatted bed frames should not be used unless the slats are 4-6" wide with a gap no more than 1" between. Tight fitted sheets should also be avoided to allow for the movement of the mattress.
This is not just the mattress, but also back pain relief therapeutic product effectively helps against pain in the lower back (lower back). Detensor healing spine stretching mattress provides a comfortable dormouse and also produces a spinal stretching (non-surgical gentle decompression) of the spine at different body positions on the sleeping man it.

What Makes the Detensor Healing Spine Stretching Mattress Effective for Back Stretching While You Sleep.

  1. Innovated material - cold form cell polyurethane has great indicators of elasticity and compressibility. We guarantee successful use of our healing spine stretching mattress more than 10 years
  2. Unique design - Soft and elastic ribs of the healing spine stretching mattress are almost not felt, however, on the mattress, spinal traction up to 5% of body weight is ensured

These mattresses are great for comfortable sleeping. At the same time you could feel spinal treatment effect, because of gentle traction.