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Sedentary Lifestyle Therapeutic Anti-Decubitus Pad

Sedentary Lifestyle Therapeutic Anti-Decubitus Pad



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Therapeutic anti-decubitus pillow Detensor

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Wheelchair and Sedentary Lifestyle Seat Cushion structure includes specially arranged ribs on the horizontal support seating cushion surface permanently pushed back due to reaction on to person own body weight in the wheelchairs. This is like a negative change of gravity/

Researchers at the University of Marburg, Germany have very positive results provided in terms of pressure distribution and moisture ventilation. The Detensor® horizontal sitting cushion provides the seated a comfortable pressure per square inch immediately after sitting down such as gel pads after a few minutes the adjustment.

The ventilation in the pillow is optimal because the air ducts with moisture through perspiration flashed enriched air from the seating area becomes. This evacuation of the cushion protects against decubitus and dramatically increases the seating comfort.



- The design of the pillow has a special shape, gently supporting your hips and buttocks.

- Made of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, hypoallergenic, elastic and durable, free from aggressive chemicals.

- It retains its properties for 7-10 years.

- Pillow can be used throughout the working day, has no contraindications to use.

- Elementarily installed on the seat of a chair, an armchair (working and wheelchair) or a car seat.

- The cushion does not require special care, the cover (with a zip) is removed and washed.




- Reduces static loads on the pelvic and back muscles.

- Has an obvious anti-decubitus effect.

- Applicable throughout the day.

- Has no contraindications.


Recommended for:

- Prevention and treatment of bedsores for people with disabilities (wheelchairs).  Prevent and cure protrusion and inter-vertebral hernia with prolonged "sedentary" work, driving.

- Prevention and treatment of other diseases of the spine and pelvis, unloads the spine, smoothest the roughness of the road for the back.

- Improvement of circulation micro circulation in the organs of the small pelvis and removal of different load on the coccyges and lumbar spine.

- Improvement of the urogenital system and endurance for occupations associated with prolonged sitting (drivers, office workers, employees of cool-centers and dispatchers, etc.)

The pillow passed the toxicity tests. The materials used in the manufacture of products are hypoallergenic

Weight and Dimensions
Width 15 inches
Height 3 inches
Depth 15 inches
Weight 1 lbs
Additional Information
The DETENSOR® Wheelchair and Sedentary Lifestyle Seat Cushion applied for home and/or office use, car, boat, also suitable for wheelchairs* and facilitates excellent pressure distribution and ventilation, prevents pressure sore.
How to Use
*For the use in a wheelchair cushion a lower seat structure is necessary.

This pillow is necessary for people with a sedentary lifestyle - drivers, programmers, drivers and especially for people on wheelchair.