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Cervical Traction Neck Support Collar with Air Pump

Cervical Traction Neck Support Collar with Air Pump



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Color: Coffee
Layers: 3 layers
Inner material: Medical PVC
Size: Free size
Function: Relief neck pain, fatigue and tension
Scope of application: It is suitable to treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine.


How to use
  • When you first use it,please put on it in correct direction. Fix the nylon buckle on your neck according to your own neck size. The opening of the buckle is in the front. Put the inflatable latex ball at your right hand.
  • Please fasten the returning valve before filling atmosphere into the rubber ball,and then fill atmosphere and draw it.
  • Fill atmosphere with the latex ball until your feeling is suitable.
  • Loosen the returning valve after using, drain the atmosphere slowly.
  • Try to relax your neck while curing, add atmospheric pressure slowly so as to strengthen drawing effect.
  • Put the neck support to the front of the neck. It also can be used by children.
  • You should keep the inflatable amount appropriate and you feel comfortable avoiding stimulating or oppressing carotid artery .
  • Please stop the traction if you feel dizzy or nausea , or have blurred vision , be sure to let the air go out slowly .
  • Don't tear it with strong force so as not to break it .
  • If something unusual happens , you'd better use it according to the doctors' instruction .