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Heavy Duty Brace Lumbar Traction Devices w/Magnetic Pad

Heavy Duty Brace Lumbar Traction Devices w/Magnetic Pad



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Heavy Duty Back Support Magnetic Belt - This Lumbar Decompression Traction Back Brace is designed to help treat and prevent diseases of the lumbar vertebra. It reduces the pressure on the lumbar region via traction, which in turn prevents those ligaments from receiving any burden. This provides the rest that the lumbar fibrous ring needs to heal. It can relieve pain associated with rheumatism and backaches.Brace has been PROVEN TO WORK to improve back health and safety, to lessen back pain, and to lower back related injuries: Two peer-reviewed university studies confirm our patented “curved and firm” lumbar support works..

Material: Composite Leather
Size: XL: 41 2/3" x 9"
  • Relieve backache
  • Fix lumbar
  • Eliminate tiredness of waist
  • Fit the lumbar’s curve to be more comfortable
  • Free far-infrared anion pad with permanent magnet
  • Used when sitting
  • Using special support plates to strengthen fixation
  • Some material come from nature
  • Use high-tech extract
  • Release infrared efficiently
  • Release anion channels
  • Utilize permanent magnets


    • Forbidden to use it long time in sweating condition, in which it can release more heat to hurt the skin.
    • Forbidden to use it for pregnant women and patients suffering with skin diseases and waist wounds.
    • Forbidden to dip in water. You can wipe it with wet towel to clean it.

Generally, one can feel hot in 30 minutes or so. It is ordinary to feel not, but if you feel hurt, please take it off for a while.

  • When the Heavy Duty Lumbar Traction Back Brace w/Magnetic Pad comes to use in the beginning, the feel of hot is strong. But it will be weaker as it is used.
  • There is still physical therapy effect even it is not hot.
Scope of application

Used Heavy Duty Lumbar Traction Back Brace w/Magnetic Pad to tie and fix tightly the patients’ pain and sore parts. Reduces back inflammation and spasms, restoring flexibility. Ideal for chronic back pain from sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs