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Cause of Lower Back Strain: Improper, Poor, Bad Posture

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Improper, Poor Posture – the Main Cause of Lower Back Strain


Back pain can be caused in many different ways, but one of the main causes is poor posture.  When people adopt poor habits related to how they stand and sit, these habits can lead to back pain over a period of time.  Fortunately, knowing that poor posture is the cause of your back pain will enable you to find ways to prevent it so that you can be more active and healthy.

If you act to correct your bad posture as soon as you start having back pain, you can easily correct the issue.  If you continue to have the same poor posture, it will cause your joints to slowly wear down, and you will feel the effects at some point.  The consequences of this break down in your back joints over a long period of time have been shown to be just as devastating as suffering an injury to your back.  Aging joints will eventually force your body to compensate by stooping over, which will have a significant impact on your mobility.  Correcting problems like these may not even be possible.  If it is possible, as heath care costs continue to rise, it would be very expensive to do so.  It would be wise to simply improve your posture now before it is too late.

Many people believe that these worn down back joints are due to normal aging.  However, the overwhelming majority of all deformities found in elderly patients can be traced back to poor posture.  These deformities often cause issues in other parts of the body.  An example of this is when an upper body that is stooped over prevents the lungs from being able to bring in enough oxygen, which could then lead to issues with other organs like your stomach.

The easiest way to avoid long term back problems is to follow a few simple suggestions now.  You can avoid suffering from these kinds of issues as you age by simply making standing up and bending backward, at least, one time per day a part of your daily routine.  Exercise is also an important part of your back health, and your overall health.  Since most people spend time driving or sitting in an office, walking or running can be an important component in your plan to relieve lower back pain.

Improper posture when you sit is one of the main causes of back pain.  Once problems have arisen in your lower back, continuing to sit with poor posture will only make the problem worse.  Standing and lying properly are also important for your back health.  If you notice that your lower back pain only flares up at certain times, such as when you sleep or when you stand for long periods of time, practicing proper posture can easily correct the problem.

Millions of people continue to suffer from back pain for no reason.  Simple changes to your posture and some routine exercise can prevent these issues.  If you wait until the symptoms become severe, the costs will be significant.  You can save yourself a lot of money with some regular exercise and a good posture.

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