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Cervical traction and stretching Detensor roll pillow

Cervical Traction and Neck Pain Relief Products Roll Pillow


Cervical Traction and Neck Stretching Roll Pillow
The functional cervical support (FCS, as illustrated) helps relieve muscular tension in the cervical region and is effective in treating patients suffering from cervical headaches. The Cervical support provides a small amount of traction which contributes to the traction along the entire spinal column. The FCS can be used and bought as a stand-alone product.

Based on the anatomical features of your spine and neck, it is known that in the supine position cervical vertebrae just need support. During the day it is the cervical vertebrae are experiencing the greatest stress. Therefore it is very important that during sleep and rest the spine was the most relaxed, and that you feel comfortable and convenient. Namely this will help you neck fillet Detensor.

Pillow cushion (brace) for passive discharge of the cervical spine (neck functional fillet) with Detensor system is designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cervical spine, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and headaches of different reasons.Cervical support pillow very fast will help eliminate unpleasant pain in the cervical spine, to reduce the excessive fatigue of the head and neck.

The consequence of the problems in the cervical spine is a progressive disorder of visual acuity, increased intracranial and intraocular pressure. The result can be disastrous. At the same time, the systematic use of a cervical cushion improves micro-circulation in the intervertebral discs and restores lordosis of the cervical spine, which is not only a positive effect on overall health, but also has a significant therapeutic effect.

Cervical traction roll Detensor manufactured from high-elastic and low-porous foam polyurethane, which ensures a long service life of the product – up to 15-20 years in conditions of constant use. 


Printable instruction how to use Detensor Functional Cervical Support Pillow available here.

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