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Consider Non-Surgical Options for Back Pain Relief First

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Discovering Non-Surgical Options for Back Pain Relief


Non-Surgical Options for Back Pain Relief

When you are experiencing back pain and go to see your doctor for treatment, the diagnosis may be that you should have back surgery.  However, there are some other options that you will want to consider before agreeing to undergo surgery on your back. Consider non-surgical options for back pain relief first.


The best rule of thumb for any diagnosis of surgery is to get a second opinion from another qualified doctor, especially if you are unsure if the spinal surgery is needed.  A second opinion does not require you to change doctors, it just allows you to have another doctor look at your back and give you their opinion about the treatment.  Be sure that you do not share your own doctor’s diagnosis with the second doctor, because you want them to give you their opinion based on what they see when they look at your back, and to not be influenced by what your doctor said. In this article we did not suggest to exclude surgery option at all, but recommend to take a look at the non-surgical back treatment opportunity as well.


Next, you need to get as much information as you can about the back problem that you have been diagnosed with and about the non-surgical lumbago or sciatica treatment procedure.  Research the different treatment options that are available, and evaluate the pros and cons of each one.  There are many books and websites available to help you get the information you need.  You might also consider visiting online chat rooms dedicated to your specific problem to talk to others who have the same condition.  You may find others that have faced the same treatment decision that you are facing who are willing to share their experience with you.  Please remember that everyone is unique, so everyone’s reaction to treatment is different as well.


If you did not find available for your case non-surgical options for back pain relief, then you do have to undergo surgery for your back pain, you need to research your surgeon and their credentials as well.  Look for a surgeon that has achieved a fellowship, because this is the highest training level a surgeon can have.  The fellowship program was created for orthopedic surgeons, which are the surgeons that are focused on the bones that make up the spine.  A surgeon with a fellowship has worked for at least a year in a place that specializes in spinal operations.  There are also neurosurgeons that work on the back, but they are focused on the nerves that are in the spine.  Your doctor will invite you to come in for a surgical consultation before your surgery.  Be sure to write down all of the questions you have about the surgery before you go, so that you do not forget to ask anything and are not afraid to ask something.  Then you can go back through your research to make sure that you understand what will happen and are comfortable with the procedure.


Back surgery is a significant event and you need to treat it as such.  If you are uncomfortable or unsure about the need for surgery to relieve your back pain, be sure to get a second opinion, talk to as many people as you can who are knowledgeable about your condition, and research your condition and the treatment options that are available. Maybe you’ll be able to cure back pain without surgery.


More patients are having spinal fusion surgery, but make sure this is the proper solution before considering it. The choice to consider vertebral surgery should always come after trying nonsurgical or “conservative” options. However, when the pain is persistent and obviously linked to a mechanical problem in the spinal column, you might talk to your physician about surgery.


There is a diversity of actions for spine-related problems, but the first during any discussion of spinal surgery is spinal fusion surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon joins two adjacent vertebrae (the large bones of the spine) to form a single unit. Fusing an unstable joint is supposed to prevent motion that can cause pain, but it’s a major operation that often fails to offer a lasting solution. As a result, fusion has become the poster child for expensive, risky, and unnecessary back surgery. Despite that, the number of fusions has risen sharply over the years.

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