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Coping With Chronic Back Pain

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Coping With Chronic Lower Back Pain


Back pain is very ordinary and happens to most of the people once in their lifetime. This can be very frustrating because of perpetual pain. If anytime you start feeling the pain, immediately consult a doctor and take precautions as it can last for longer time. Back pain is not to be ignored and immediate action is required. Be clear to your doctor about the pain and avoid doing the activities which can hurt your back again. During this phase, the support of your family members is very essential.

Back pain should be taken seriously. The best way to curb back and leg painis to do exercise. But keep in mind, don’t exaggerate. There are multiple stretching exercises suggested to prevent back pain.

Some of the exercises recommended to cope or lessening back pain:

  • Sit partially with the bent knee as if you are sitting on a chair. Gently lift your head and shoulders and halt for 2 minutes. Do 15 reps.
  • Lie on the floor facing up. Slowly get knees to chest and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat 15 times.
  • Stretching is considered to be very effective to end back pain. Lie on the floor with face up and knees bent. Use a soft pillow under your head. Relax and roll your knees with shoulders on the floor. Hold it for few seconds and return to the neutral position. Repeat 10 times, both sides.



The most ordinary reason for back pain is Muscle Spasm. It can cause severe pain. A muscle spasm occurs precipitously. It can occur after lifting heavy things or twisting suddenly.Muscle spasm soothes within few days, the patient just needs to take adequate rest.

Muscle spasm is very common for the people who have the job of standing for long period of time and in athletes. Serious cases of muscle spasm can be treated with physical therapy and medication.


Spine is connected with the muscles of back which is one of the most relevant parts of a body. Vertebrae are bones on the spine. These bones get connected to each other with the facet joints and the bones get separated from each other with the aid of softer disk. They are responsible for providing the function of bending. The disks in the back act as cushions between vertebrae. The Spinal cord is secured with the vertebrae. It connects your brain to rest of the body and passes signals. The sensations of the pain and others are transmitted by the nerves, from different parts of the body to the brain. The spine is connected to hips through the sacroiliac joints. So it is essential to take proper care of your back muscles. Back pain can lead to anxiety and can affect your sleep. If you experience a back pain just avoid stressful activities and rest for some time. Complete bed rest is not advisable and some movement is needed to trigger blood flow.


The best way to prevent back pain is to sustain proper posture and reduce stress. Make sure you do not slouch while texting on computer and phones. Practice stretching exercises at regular intervals.

Stress can badly affect your health. Stress leads to tense your muscles which can cause back pain. Prevent back pain by being happy and having a positive attitude. Yoga, meditation plays a vital role in reducing the stress of people.

The key to recovering from acute low back pain (abrupt, intense pain that subsides after a relatively short period) is maintaining the normal curve of the spine (hollow or lordosis). Supporting the hollow of your back will help decrease your recovery time.

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