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Ways To Get Immediate Back Pain Relief

sciatic nerve pain relief

Immediate Back Pain Relief


Are you visiting the chiropractor every week and paying hundreds of dollars to fix your backache? Are you the one who wakes up in the morning only with a sharp pain in your lower back that makes you screech to the top of your vocal chords?  Even a simple task of putting on your shoe-laces is seems an uphill task, as you struggle against that terrible pain just to prove that you do not need anyone else to do that thing for you. Once that happens, you cancel everything and rush to your doctor, to get relief from your soaring pain. All you can do it simply only wonder, can you ever get immediate back pain relief?

Do you need an immediate back pain relief self-treatment?

I have been in your shoes and understand how it feels when you can do nothing about your pain but visit the doctor. Even worse, it is when you also know that you are a regular source of income for your doctor, who only gives you a relief so that it can keep you up for some time, and he knows eventually, that you will come again. You know the cure lies with someone else, and you also know that the cure is available to you one at a time, with no permanent relief.

The problem to get immediate back pain relief is – there is nothing much medication can help to treat it. It is only a delusion you mostly work around with, trying to convince yourself, while all you are doing is temporarily relieving yourself. At some point, when you are not recovering from that back pain and are at the same place, you need to understand, that it is time to change the way you are treating yourself. Changing a doctor will again put you through a phase of temporary recovery, but only for a short time.

You need to understand that it is only through a series of back strengthening and alignment exercises implemented in your daily routine that can put your healing process in action. Your body is a self-sustained self recovering mechanism, which can amazingly recover itself when you adopt natural healing methods. So, if you are looking for an answer to the question- do you need a self-treatment, the question can be rephrased as- how to adopt a natural healing process for your body?

Are you aware of the reasons for your back pain?

Ok, now you might say – I am not a doctor? How can I possibly know what is the reasons of my back pain? Well, if you look back, the day you visited your doctor, he was not aware of your problem – right? Rather, you told him what is your spinal problem? It started with you. You have the best knowledge about your body, and within you is the healing mechanism too.

Believe it or not, over-medication reduces the body’s natural self-healing capability. It makes your body dependent upon the medication and your immune system, despite being able to self-recover does so only after your medicine doses. This may not be the right way to help yourself in the long run, as you will only get relief after taking that medication and not without a self-healing process.

When you address your back pain reason and solution, you are the best judge of the pain that happened to you. It might be picking up a weight in a wrong way, an unusual twist in the lower back, a wrong way of climbing or descending the staircases or the high heels that you have been putting on for so long. When you find that your style statement is doing no good, you need to know that you are only doing more harm by not addressing the actual reasons of your pain.

From Awareness to Action for Immediate Back Pain Relief

Now that you have addressed the real reason of your pain, it is important that you adopt a natural healing process that sets your immediate back pain relief in motion. More than 82% of the doctors today agree that medication alone cannot help you recover from the back pain. They will recommend you routine exercises, yoga, gradual weight loss, physiotherapy or chiropractor to target the muscles of your lower back.

When the back pain happens, the muscles of your lower back become weak. Precisely, the lowermost bones of the vertebral column, which take the complete load of your body, become weak, especially when you are on a sitting job. Prolonged isolation on your couch puts pressure on the nerves passing through the vertebral column and this is the prime reason of your back pain.

Due to this pressure, the nerves in the vertebral column get pressed in the gaps between the backbone, and that is the reason you feel the sharp pain. This is simply an indication that your vertebral column is losing its alignment and requires aligning as soon as possible.

Almost any back pain will boil down to this reason. Even if you take medication, you are actually not able to release or align that pressed nerve from the bone gaps, and hence your agony continues. Only aligning your back bone can solve the problem.

Back bone alignment exercises, strengthening exercises, rest and proper diet can help you not only reduce the tendency to depend upon medication for relief, but also put your body in the cycle of a healthy lifestyle. Investing little everyday in your body by routine exercise can save you several thousand dollars a year instead, by getting a poor back ache. So, the choice is clearly yours to make.

The immediate back pain relief solution

If you are not doing the right things to align your back bone, loosen up the tight muscles in your lower back and legs, you’re only addressing the symptoms of the problem. And that’s a fact: medication can only target the pain symptoms giving you temporary relief. The solution is to be aware of the reasons of your back pain and then put that awareness into action.

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