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Low Back Pain Treatment Therapy. Detensor Inventor’s Letter.


Langzeittraktion Therapiesysteme
nach Kurt L.Kienlein

Griesbachweg 21,6122 Fritzens/Austria

To the American Public

Hello America here is exciting news!

Detensor is coming back to the USA, after closing office in LA 1987.
After establishing the Detensor Long Term Traction Therapy at more than 2000 Institutions of the European Health System since 1993, Detensor is coming back to USA in order to help fighting Back Pain.Many of you suffer you all know of the problem of back pain not only low back pain but many other disorders of the spinal column. You also know that there is a low percentage of long term betterment.

Chiropractors and Manual Therapists in many countries are using the Detensor Method in daily practice with their patients. Only in Russia during the period from 1988 through 2008 more than 3 000 000 back pain treatment patients have successfully been treated of back pain with Detensor.

Detensor is the most cost-effective and most efficient kind of lower back pain treatment up to day without any known negative effects and ideal for home care.
28 Dissertations have been established until now; more than 160 scientific articles have been printed.

Detensor is the most cost-effective and efficient backache treatment, free of negative effects, to be used by everybody, no service, no electricity, no belts, no stress, good for a lifetime.

You are invited to see more at our newly established US distributor office.We will keep you informed about the progress of installment and availability of Detensor products.

I know together we can achieve a similar success in back pain treatment in the USA as it was achieved in other countries to the benefit of public health. I am sure Detensor can help you out of the misery and I am sure you can do it.
Trust me and my Detensor Method and you will get back good quality of life again, take your destiny in your own hands and get well.

With the kindest regards from the undersigned
Prof.DR.HC.(mult),D.A,M.,Spinal Consultant, Leonhard Kurt Kienlein

DETENSORĀ® Kurt Kienlein e.U.
Griesbachweg 21, A-6122 Fritzens/Austria, Tel.: +43(0)5224 51621, Mob.: +43(0)6504193765, fax.: +43(0)5224 51621,
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The back pain treatment therapy was invented by Dr. Kinlein to treat his own back after a spinal injury, which he got when skiing in the Alps. Since then, it has been 40 years, and today the doctor continues to skate on the slopes of the mountains and forgot about that old trauma.