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Back Traction Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat

Back traction spinal disc decompression mat Detensor

Back Traction Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat


The Back Traction Mat Natural Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat consists of three parts:

  1. Back support and traction/decompression
  2. Functional cervical support (FCS)
  3. Functional lower leg support (FLS)
Directions for use (From onset of acute pain i.e. acute/sciatica):
  • Each session should last 45-60 minutes.
  • Week 1: 3 – 4 Sessions a day
  • Week 2: 2 – 3 Sessions a day
  • Week 3/4: 2 Sessions a day
  • Thereafter: Sessions should be performed once a day, before retiring.
  • The DTM 18% must only be used lying down and on a solid base, preferably the floor.
  • It should not be used for overnight sleeping or for longer than 1 hour sessions.
  • Always use the functional lower leg support provided. Any alterations to recommended leg height may increase pain, alter traction force or restrict circulation.
  • Some users may experience extra discomfort initially, but this generally subsides.
  • The system’s design allows air circulation, so users are advised to cover up with a blanket to help achieve a deep, relaxed state.
  • Correct positioning is vital to creating a maximum traction force of 18-22%. This is achieved by the roll-back technique, whereby the user lowers the spine on to the orthosis by using their arms.
  • Users must not sit up from the waist abruptly, but roll off sideways.
  • Light and natural clothing should be worn, (no synthetics) to maximize traction and avoid slipping.
  • An uncomfortable sensation may be felt after use when standing, due to reloading pressure back on the spine. This should dissipate shortly after.
  • The heart shaped segment of the back support should be aligned with the small of the back. (2nd – 4th lumbar vertebrae) The benefits of this system are enhanced by rest and repair gained from overnight sleep, without gravitational loading to the spine. The RO18% is not limited to back pain sufferers, but is also beneficial in achieving deep relaxation, improving general posture and a state or well-being.

Printable instruction how to use Detensor Lower Back Pain Relief mat and Spinal Decompression Home Device available here.

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