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Back Traction Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat

Back traction spinal disc decompression mat Detensor

Back Traction Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat


The Back Traction Mat Natural Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression Detensor Mat consists of three parts:

  1. Back support and traction/decompression
  2. Functional cervical support (FCS)
  3. Functional lower leg support (FLS)
How does the Detensor therapy work on the spine?

With the therapy Detensor, the elastic ribs of the system fit tightly to the body and support it as a support. It is thanks to elastic ribs, the pressure of the body is maximally evenly distributed and turns into small, horizontal forces that act in tension.

What actions does home spinal pain relief therapy have on the method of the Detensor on our body?

The home spinal pain relief therapy by the method of Detensor has a very positive effect on all organs and the entire nervous system, since the nerves passing through the spinal canal, thanks to the increase in intervertebral distance, are better equipped with information.

Directions for use (From onset of acute pain i.e. acute/sciatica):
  • Each session should last 45-60 minutes.
  • Week 1: 3 – 4 Sessions a day
  • Week 2: 2 – 3 Sessions a day
  • Week 3/4: 2 Sessions a day
  • Thereafter: Sessions should be performed once a day, before retiring.
  • The DTM 18% must only be used lying down and on a solid base, preferably the floor.
  • It should not be used for overnight sleeping or for longer than 1 hour sessions.
  • Always use the functional lower leg support provided. Any alterations to recommended leg height may increase pain, alter traction force or restrict circulation.
  • Some users may experience extra discomfort initially, but this generally subsides.
  • The system’s design allows air circulation, so users are advised to cover up with a blanket to help achieve a deep, relaxed state.
  • Correct positioning is vital to creating a maximum traction force of 18-22%. This is achieved by the roll-back technique, whereby the user lowers the spine on to the orthosis by using their arms.
  • Users must not sit up from the waist abruptly, but roll off sideways.
  • Light and natural clothing should be worn, (no synthetics) to maximize traction and avoid slipping.
  • An uncomfortable sensation may be felt after use when standing, due to reloading pressure back on the spine. This should dissipate shortly after.
  • The heart shaped segment of the back support should be aligned with the small of the back. (2nd – 4th lumbar vertebrae) The benefits of this system are enhanced by rest and repair gained from overnight sleep, without gravitational loading to the spine. The RO18% is not limited to back pain sufferers, but is also beneficial in achieving deep relaxation, improving general posture and a state or well-being.

Printable instruction how to use Detensor Lower Back Pain Relief mat and Spinal Decompression Home Device available here.

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