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Cervical Lordosis Traction Treatment

Gentle cervical traction with Detensor at middle neck (cervical spinal traction) mutual with cervical manipulation can help with cervical lordosis treatment in 8 to 10 weeks as indicated by increases in segmental and global cervical alignment.


Patient a girl age 7 suffering of headaches and bronchial Asthma and missing cervical lordosis. After 3 weeks at the Children`s State Hospital, Moscow, the girl showed a normal cervical lordosis, headaches and bronchial asthma gone.


Between these 2 MRI images she had daily 3 x 40 minutes treatments on to Detensor therapy mat 18% for a 3 weeks.


Understanding Your Spine: Cervical Lordosis

Cervical lordosis is a natural, or pathological, bend of the spine with the reversal of its bulge in the cervical anterior. Cervical lordosis, as a physiological curve, is for every person. As for pathological lordosis, it will be located in the same place, but its degree of bend will be different.

The pathology develops against the backdrop of inflammatory processes of the spinal column, with contractures, congenital malformations, against the presence of neoplasms, etc. The main manifestations of the disease are neck pain and problems with posture. With regard to treatment, it can be both operational and conservative.


There is some physiotherapy exercises, that also helpful for cervical lordosis treatment: Gradually move your head from neutral site to the right and left side of your figure and back to neutral position another time. Turn your neck to each site as far as possible without producing discomfort or pain. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side.