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Vertebral Compression Fractures Treatment

This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

Patient Sobolev: A long time patient of Olga Balakireva (Dr K.L. Kienlein wife), businessmen, travelling year round all over the globe first time showed up at Olga’s clinic in Moscow in 1994, could not walk had a broken disc. He had consulted the number one surgeon in Moscow, he said go and see Olga she is the only one who can help you. To make it short he came 3 times over the years until finally he understood he needs the Mat when he is out of the house travelling. The image shows 9 mm prolapse. Today he is free of pain for years.


All experience of the traditional medicine always saying – If a lumbar disc herniated to a certain level, does low back surgery become necessary, bypassing any conservative treatments. And what you see in these images? Does it enough prove for you?


About a compression fracture treatment in general

In general, this is a fairly common injury, which occurs when the sharp simultaneous compression and flexion of the spine. This specific load leads to a sharp increase in pressure on the discs and the body of the vertebrae, as a result of which the front part of the vertebra is “flattened” and takes the form of a wedge. The result is a decrease in the height of the spinal column, because of which a part of the vertebral body can begin to press on the spinal cord.

Injury occurs with sharp simultaneous compression and flexion of the spine

Most often there is a compression fracture of the first and second lumbar vertebra, as well as the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebra. In this case, one of these vertebrae can suffer, and several at once. Very often the cause of such an injury is a car accident or a fall from a height. 

Gentle spinal strengthening therapy with Detensor able to help stimulate a bone strength. As a result, gentle spinal traction therapy can help you regain the strength and mobility that you may have lost while the fracture healed.