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MRI`s of the prolapsed disc of Markus Walch

This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

The story, Markus is a dear friend for years. He lives in Lech, a well-known alpine city 128 km (~80 miles) west of Innsbruck. He went to the University of Innsbruck for back pain examination. The Dr. told him he must undergo lumbar pain treatment surgery immediately and he cannot drive home.


He called me on the phone and I said come to us, it`s only 20 Km (~12.5 miles) more. We discussed the matter and decided on our method of spinal problem treatment with Detensor. Markus came twice a week for back pain treatment, Detensor-resonance therapy, Bio resonance-therapy and bleeding.  After 6 weeks he went golfing. All winter he was skiing. He already forgot about his lumbar pain.


He is free of spinal pain since then. 19 mm of prolapse disc gone. The 2nd MRI was done 5 months later, now if you think the Dr`s at the University did much care, you are wrong, they did not even ask what was done.