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Recover Prolapsed Disc, Patient TN

Traditional medicine saying, that: “It is true that herniated disc symptoms can subside over time even without medical intervention. … Yes, your symptoms may resolve, but this does not necessarily mean the herniated disc itself has healed. Herniated disc symptoms may be treated with the following: Conservative measures such as activity modification, analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. Epidural nerve blocks may be employed in instances of severe or persistent pain.”

Please read the real story of recover prolapsed disk with MRI images, that prove fact of prolapsed disc healing.

This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

Patient of mine she could not turn the head because of sharp cervical pain, every time she did she passed out totally. She was patient of Joachim Strauss, he refused to operate vertebral column, to dangerous and send her to my office. In the attached MRI you see the cervical Part of the spine.It was a discus prolapse with sequester ,8 mm, between C5 and C6. Surgery is quite dangerous, because the patient can be paralyzed from there down. That was to high a risc for the patient.


I told her what to do, 3 – 4 times daily on the Mat and sleeping on the mattress. After 6 weeks she took up driving and working again without any traces of the cervical pain, second MRI (you see it at this medical records publications) was done after 12 month, you see the result.


Whenever I show the MRI neurologists claim it is turkey, because a prolapse disc and a sequester cannot just disappear. Well we know better.


Prolapsed disc symptoms and precautions

Individuals who have sudden, genuine back torment, particularly interior the lower back district, might encounter a prolapsed plate. Commonly, plate related misery can be encouraged imperceptibly by lying level however will escalating in case the back is out of the blue moved by wheezing, hacking or other small developments. Other fundamental side impacts of a prolapsed circle are: Emanating torment down the legs or into the calves or feet (when the sciatic nerve is being compacted); Shivering or sticks and-needles sensations in the impacted domain and related members; Deadness or deficiency in the raise conclusion, legs or feet.

Lower back misery that is joined by incontinence of the bladder or guts or the disappointment to walk may appear that the base of the spinal line is being pressed. Call 911 right away in the occasion that you observe these side impacts, as they might be affirmation of a remedial emergency known as “cauda equina clutter.”