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Gentle Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Treatment

Gentle Spinal Traction has a very powerful effect on the spine, and can be ineffective or even harmful if it is not used properly in gentle way. The scoliosis therapy combines gentle spinal traction with other components designed to reduce scoliosis while the patient is in a seated position. Gentle Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Treatment is a medical procedure ideal for children with severe or rigid scoliosis.


There are three traditional treatments for scoliosis — observation, bracing, and surgery. Most doctor will recommend one of these treatments based on their experience and severity of the scoliosis along with the physical maturity of your child. Traditional medicine believe: No exercises for scoliosis have proved to reduce or prevent curvature. However, exercise is highly recommended for both scoliosis and non-scoliosis patients alike to keep back muscles strong and flexible.


We would like to bring for your attention this case, when Gentle Spinal Traction was applied. This 14 year`s old girl suffering of asthma since the age of 1 year. She has spent 4 to 5 times at the Hospital every year. The mother was told her daughter might not get very old, because there is nothing one can do about it. Again Alexey Kapustin, he put her on Detensor after 3 weeks you can notice the difference in scoliosis and thickness of discs, she did grow 4 cm.


Today she is still free of asthma and leads a normal life.


About scoliosis and why it is dangerous:

The initial stages of the disease do not pose a serious danger, in contrast to neglected cases of the disease.

Cervical scoliosis can disrupt blood circulation in arteries and veins of the brain, often leads to compression of the vertebral artery, resulting in headaches and dizziness.

Thoracic scoliosis in advanced cases reduces the volume of the chest and deforms the abdominal cavity. It can lead to diseases of internal organs: heart, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, large vessels, kidneys.

Lumbar scoliosis causes severe back pain, disrupts the normal position of pelvic bones. The asymmetric position of the bones disrupts the arrangement of the organs in the pelvic region. This can lead to diseases of the pelvic organs and impaired sexual function.

Dysplastic scoliosis in adults weakens immunity, leads to osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia. Curvature of the spine in women can cause problems with conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child.