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Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief

sciatic nerve pain relief

Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief

It was the seventh time my boss insisted me to go see the massage therapist he visits regularly. This time, I could not say no, not because I was scared of my increment, but because this pain in the back was becoming unbearably painful with each passing day. I had never been to a massage therapist before, and had no clue what lay ahead. I made an appointment with this massage therapist after the office was over. He led me to a pastel room with a soothing ambiance and soft candle lights. The atmosphere was real perfect for a relaxation break. My head went into a donut shaped holder and then….

Face to face with Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief

I lied on the massage table with only my underwear on and waited for the therapist to come. The candles in the room gave out a gentle soothing aroma that was filling up my lungs. The massage therapist walked in, a few moments later. He asked me a few seasoned questions, asked me to show where exactly I felt the pain and then running his fingers through my neck, gently pressing the nerves. And then, it was the most excruciating pain I ever felt, as it passed right into my brains. It felt like a knock out. I couldn’t help but ask him- what exactly are you trying to do with me. His reply was – Deep Tissue Massage.

He continued with the process and I was able to feel a series of sharp pains through my neck. By now, I was trying to get used to it. The first few sessions in fact felt that I should give up. I discussed it with my boss, who said – ‘Wait, you have not reached the end yet, trust me’. I decided to follow his advice. It turned out eventually that he was right. The first few sessions, though painful, when they eventually ended seemed to have helped more than hurt. I continued with it, often attending two-three sessions a week. By the end of the month, I started to observe the changes in my back health.

My jaw clenching had reduced a lot, and my lower back didn’t hurt as badly as it used to earlier. I felt a lot of positive change and confidence. This urged me to ask out the therapist- what have you actually done to put all this in place?

Seriously, what was this stuff?

And so, the therapist shared with me about the back muscles massage procedure a little bit, and this was really a revelation. He was using the Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief in my neck and back muscles, which was happening due to constantly working in front of the computer. By targeting relevant pressure points in the neck near the spinal cord, by gradually using deep tissue massage, he was relaxing the pressure points and the strain in the muscles in the target area. It was initially hurtful because the neck muscles were constantly keeping itself in the same position and were not subjected to relaxation, stretching and exercises.

The therapist also recommended several back and neck stretching exercises to do before going to bed and the results were astonishing. I was able to experience a profound relief from the agonizing pain and a lot of strength in my back and neck than before. I now felt more energized during the day, and was able to take up responsibilities at home too. It was simply amazing.

So, what was happening?

An average corporate employee like me works more than 35 hours a week in front of the computers, with little or no breaks in between. Add to it, the advent of smartphones, which constantly keep your neck and back engaged, as you try to move your fingers over the touch phone panel, often unaware of the adverse condition you are putting yourself into. The deep tissue massage was actually working on relaxing my muscles, tendons and ligaments, the soft tissues which are the first ones to get targeted in case of such ailments. The purpose of deep tissue massage therapy lies in the fact that it puts into action the restrained circulation mechanism, which has been put to sleep due to our inactivity and restraint to the desktop.

The deep tissue muscles work more than the superficial massage in that it acts on the group of nerves and soft-tissues that are held up due to constant sitting at one position. Doctors often recommend you to take small bursts of breaks in between, and stretch out your back and neck muscles. Doing so, not only releases and stretches out your restrained muscles but also prevents you from the incoming dangers such as back ache and spondylitis. Deep back muscles massage is an ancient form of spinal pain therapy and has been in place for ages, and is one of the definitive ways to treat your ‘jammed’ system.

How does Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief actually work?

Very simple! The ancient Indian sages had done immense studies on their mind, body and self. They knew exactly how the control systems of our body worked and they constantly practised to keep themselves healthy. No wonder how they lived much beyond their age; they had mastered the art of self. The body essentially works on the mechanism of proper breathing. We can survive without water for seven days, but we cannot live without air for more than few minutes. Whenever there is any obstruction to the flow of air through the various channels of the body, such points begin to show the effects in the form of pain, as there is no proper circulation of oxygen through these points.

Our neck and back are no different and any obstruction to the airflow and circulation in these regions of the body can lead to a restrained circulation.  An improved circulation system leads to an improved lymphatic system which runs parallel to the circulatory system, and improves elimination of waste throughout the body. This is only possible if a person practices deep and slow breathing. This is the most relaxing way to recover from any form of muscle and tissue pain. As a matter of fact, it is this deep breathing mechanism above anything else, which does the whole magic. An occasional soft massage is so relaxing that many people fall asleep during the treatment. Also, the  back and neck stretching on the massage table relieving any discomfort in the vertebral area.

Looking for a long-term solution?

If you are in a situation where you cannot avoid yourself sitting in front of the computers every day, you might need to undertake several schedules of Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief to feel comfortable. With an improved circulation, you can avoid the occasional cramps, strains and injury to the tissues, muscles and ligaments. A couch potato lifestyle can often make your back vulnerable to weight lifting and sudden changes in the body posture. You might have noticed a sudden cramp in your neck or back often, when you have been over restrained in front of the computers, and makes you inactive for the whole day. If such is happening to you more often, please be aware that you need a tissue massage as early as possible, as your back and neck muscles are not able to take any more strain on them.

The tissue massage therapies also use the aromatic massage oils and scents that help you to breathe deeper and relax more, soften the muscles and tissues and help you recover faster. This helps you to recover from fatigue faster and makes you relaxed and rejuvenated than before. It is often our responsibility to check our lifestyle. Deep tissue massage can help you recover from the ailments you have developed due to a wrong pattern and lifestyle. A combination of deep breathing exercises along with regular massage sessions can help you improve faster and stay healthier.

Most people believe Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief must hurt to work. But the saying, “No pain, no gain,” doesn’t always apply. Some feel the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief in minimizing lower back pain, releasing tension in a stiff neck, sore shoulders, upper back, or loosening tight muscles in their arms and legs.

Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief Side Effects

  1. Sore/aching muscles: Muscle soreness on the treated area is a common side effect following massage therapy.
  2. Pain: Pain may also occur during massage treatment: your muscles may not be used to deep manipulation.
  3. Sleepiness: After the massage, you may feel tired or fatigued.

Drinking water after Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief recommended. One reason is that water will help the kidneys and other organs process the various substances which move through the body on a regular basis and after a Deep Tissue Massage Back Pain Relief, a lot of toxins have been released, so you need to flush them out.

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