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Going to the Emergency Room For Back Pain

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Going to the Emergency Room Doctor for Back Pain Relief


When it comes to one of the most cited reasons for not coming to work, lower back pain is at the top in America as more and more people are suffering from his chronic problem. The problem could have been little bearable only if the health care system of America also recognized this problem as a major one as well as a genuine one. Yes, if you think that you can visit the emergency room of a hospital for your intense back ache and you will be treated well then you are highly mistaken. Instead you may be accused of substance abuse and sent home without any treatment or medication. As soon as you cite the reason of your visiting the ER your problem seems to turn out a thing of mockery and you will just become a person who is there to get a big dose of morphine.

Why has back pain emergency problem risen?


Well, the doctors or the hospitals are not to be blamed entirely for this because there are many people who will go to the emergency room to get that extra dose of hydrocodon. This is not because they are suffering from any chronic pain disorder but they are addicted to morphine. But then what are all the tests like the blood reports, MRI’s, CT scans, etc for? Also, the doctors receive such an extensive training to figure out if the patient actually has a problem of what he is complaining of or there is something else that he is hiding or cannot figure out.

How to get to the root of the problem?


They must first of all take your full history, correlate the complaint and the findings with your records and then come to the conclusion. After proper and thorough examination only they should categorize the patients into genuine ones and the ones that are there for substance abuse.

Even I have witnessed the brunt of the system because for which I was declared drug addict even when I had proof of intervertebral disc herniation and had history of chronic lower back pain. But, if you are not bed ridden or have not met with a crushing injury in a car accident it is just useless to expect that you will get any help from emergency doctor with back pain. Instead you can expect the doctors and the nurses to insult you by just calling you a drug abuser. It is not only wastes your time and money but also gets you humiliated for no reason.


The main problem is that the people who are suffering from chronic pain are just not believed. They are either treated as people who are just there to get a higher dose of morphine or vicodin or someone who wants to run away from work. No emergency room doctor wants to treat the chronic back pain sufferers. In fact it can be said that all the people who are suffering from chronic pain are heavily discriminated against.

The actual picture is different from what America portrays to the world and people cannot get medical help even when they boast of providing the best medical facility. The laws and the working of doctors both should change after all they all are for the benefit of the people and no to torture them. Everyone who has suffered must bring this to the notice of the congressmen of their area ad get their rights.

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