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Frequently Asking Questions

How does the Detensor help with most back problems?

By lying down on the Detensor, the spine can expand up to 1 inch allowing to take pressure off the vertebrate and opening up the spine relieving pain associated with herniated disc, stenosis and general pain. It works while using a gentle tracking through the ridges, (lamellas) on the mat itself.

How long do I have to lay on the Detensor?

It is recommended that a patient should lie on the Detensor for 45 minutes and up to 1 and a half hours, but no more than that. Forty-Five minutes allows the spine to open to nourish and hydrate the spine.

Can I watch television or read while lying on the Detensor?

It is not recommended that a person watches television or read because a person may lift the neck while doing so therefore working against the Detensor to relax neck muscles and vertebrate of the upper spine.

What are the adverse effects of using Detensor?

Detensor spine traction therapy system is an efficient back pain treatments and it has no side effects. In lieu of this, it is official that there are no adverse effects from using Detensor

Can Detensor also prevent neck pain?

Detensor could prevent all sorts of body pain related to the vertebral spinal cord, including neck pain.

Is using Detensor 100% safe?

Detensor usage is 101% safe without any negative side-effects in 38 years of Detensor usage by over 3,000,000 patients.

What age bracket can use Detensor?

Detensor usage is not restricted for any age group. It is effective for all ages. There is important to choose the correct mat hardness, based on your body weight.

How long will it take for the treatment?

You only need 6-8 sessions to start feeling relief. Also please pay attention, that in case of the sharp pain you need to have 2-3 sessions a day with 3-4 hours breaks; otherwise once a day.

Do I need the service of a Physician to use Detensor?

There is always great to have medical professional opinion before any treatment. But Detensor usage is quite explicitly laid out in its instruction manual. It requires little or no help of a physician.

Can I use Detensor to boost my sexual power?

Given that one of the major causes of lack of sexual power is acute pain, the treatments of such pain using Detensor could help boost sexual power.